Most "Musical" sounding speaker cable under $1000

I am probably going to get knocked around for the use of that mysterious word "MUSICAL" in this tread. However would like some input from members who have tried a lot of speaker cables: and would like to know what is most musical sounding speaker cable you have ever owned or presently own under $800. Multiple choices is also good.

FOR ME, the term "musical means" listenable, and holding the listener's attention, and satisfying. Also, it means very smooth without sounding warm or fuzzy. Lastly, it means....a unique presentation of the musical event never heard or experienced before.

Or,... is it also: more detail?? more musical cues that convey the music and its acoustic space? or a richer palette of tonal color and harmonics??? I am sure it is heard and defined differently by everyone
I like Golden Gate cables.

If you suspend them properly, they are extremely durable and length doesn't seem to affect performance.

They work great in either direction.
Audiofeil, I checked the AG directory for GG cables, no such manufacturer. I recall from past threads you are an audio dealer. Why not participate in the discussion, and not try to be a comedian, because I am not amused!!! Jim
Hi Jim.
I think they're out of business due to a minor earthquake in the Bay area which destroyed the facility.

However, the owners have regrouped and should be releasing a new line of cables soon.

The new company is called Richter Cables.

Good luck.
I was using DIY cables until recently. Got some "K2" Audioquest cables from China for $380, 3meter biwire. They are a noticeable improvement, even to my wife who didnt know I had installed them and commented at dinner.

Read the "youll be sorry you read this" posts to see discussion. Not recommending anything, just posting my experience
I replaced $1100 speaker cables from Gabriel Gold with Clear Day Double Shotguns for $400. The Clear Days are far better. Very "musical" with really good dynamics, detail, and bass. Clear Day offers a no-hassle free trial, so there is nothing to lose trying them. The owner, Paul Laudati, is a pleasure to deal with as well.