Most "Accurate/Realistic" Sounding Speakers?

I am a major audio enthusiast and I was listening to some live, non amplified acoustic jazz and I could not help but wonder what speaker sounds that "live"? To me, the most "accurate/realistic" speakers would accurately reproduce acoustic music as if it were playing right in front of you, and also human voices as if they were talking directly to you. I guess that is my gauge by which speakers and audio systems should be judged. I know there are a ton of "accurate" reproductions, but I have never heard anything even close to the realism, super deep bass by the acoustic bass, and slam of the snare and cymbals. Have you heard any speaker truly close to this? As an over analytical audio nerd, instead of truly enjoying this great music, I could not help but think about the system that would come even close to that realism, deep bass, and gritty fast sound. I guess the closest I have heard has been Wilson Audios, but even those were not truly accurate reproductions. I have also heard that Quad planars and ATC powered speakers do a pretty amazing job.

Please opine!
I am not actually sure what Most Accurate and Realistic speaker is but I fell in love with the Kharma speaker line many years ago.I am not saying its perfect but I must say that they are incredibly involving and Natural sounding to me..There are many other speakers out that many prefer but I find the Kharmas do it all for me..
See if you can find an MBL or Avantgarde dealer in your neighborhood. If they are attached to anything decent, they will open your eyes, and drop your jaw.
within its range, stacked quad 57s are as realistic as it gets.
See thread above titled: "Pros and Cons of built-in amps?"
it begs the question, what is realistic. i bet if you put 10 different reviewers in a blind test with 10 great systems you would get multiple responses. also, i love live jazz too and so much depends on the room. tubes or ss, xrcd24 or vinyl, it is interesting to read how audio crowd interpret your post anyway.