Most Peaceful Music you've Heard or Own

What music puts you in a deeply relaxed or peaceful mood -- something that could get you through a two hour traffic snarl feeling 'calm and collected'?
A couple of Enthne Vrianon's slow songs would do it.t

Usually compilations I make into playlists, or out right burn to CD. Mostly the former.

On the whole though, hartman, Prysock, or Ella. Dave Koz "At the Movies" is easy enough without being mindless fodder.

At home though, where keeping ones eyes open isn't as important, the cable ch that plays the mindless weird stuff, filled with everything from forest critters to ocean waves breaking onto the shore with a compliment of strings or the like.

The only thing I can't stand on that ch is flute playing, like Pan Fir... I can't get to the remote quick enough when he comes on.... it's as bad to me as the bluegrass remakes on pop music hits.
Some of the old Lonnie Liston Smith music. Takes you to another place.
Arvo Pärt, "Alina", on ECM. May be a little subtle for traffic but it's great at bedtime.

Almost any of the a capella Renaissance masses. Performers include the Tallis Scholars on Gimell, the Clerks' Group on ACV, the Huelgas Ensemble on Sony and Harmonia Mundi. Composers include Josquin Desprez, Ockeghem, Pipelare, Byrd, Lobo and lots more. If these are all new to you, try the Ockeghem Requiem (Clerks, ACV) or the Richafort Requiem for Josquin (Huelgas, Harmonia Mundi).

Le Pas du Chat Noir by the Anouar Brahem Trio.

Hey, Kind of Blue, but you already thought of that one.
Philip Glass : Aguas da Amazonia

Tord Gustavsen Trio : Being There
Music of Ernesto Nazareth
The three piece Bob James stuff works for me. No vocals.
Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden "Missouri Sky," Antonio Forcione and Charlie Haden "Heartplay," Richard Stoltzman "Begin Sweet World" and "Dreams," Enrico Pieranunzi "Ballads," Charlie Haden and Kenny Barron "Nightfall," Charlie Haden and Gonzalo Rubacalba "Nocturne" and "Land of the Sun," Van Morrison "Poetic Champions Compose."
the blue nile-a walk across the rooftops
Keola Beamer: "Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Masters Series" on Dancing Cat Records.
Michael Hoppe, the music you will hear on your way to heaven.
I have long commutes, and I never put on peaceful music and risk dozing off on the wheel. Fun, energetic, and upbeat music works better on the road. Maybe something you can hum along.
Jason Vieux playing Pat Metheny. The CD is called "Images of Metheny" on the Azica label and is simply gorgeous. Thirteen Metheny tunes played by a classical guitarist with an incredible touch and tone. Even Pat Metheny approves.
"Romantic Harp" by Sunita Staneslow

Music to soothe the savage soul.
Most of the older ambient music series by Brian Eno, a favorite among those would be Discreet Music. Nick Drake would do it for me to. I'm on board with Tobias for peacing out to Arvo Part's Alina, or Brahems Paws of the Black Cat - both are superb. In a very odd, hypnotic sense, try "Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet" by Gavin Bryars (with a little bit at the end by Tom Waits). Not for everyone though.
Correction, I specified the "ACV" record label in my post above and it does not exist. 'Scuse. The label name is actually ASV.
Pat Metheny - Quiet Night and anything by the Tord Gustavsen Trio
"The Left Hand of God" - Charlie Haden/Quartet West
"Seventh Sojourn" - Moody Blues
"Long Goodbyes" - Camel
"Hopes, Wishes and Dreams" - Ray Thomas
"Never Blame the Rainbow for the Rain" - Moody Blues (Hayward/Thomas)
George Winston, "Autumn", "December", "Winter into Spring", etc.
Himekami-Snow Goddess
Karunesh-The Wanderer-Journey of the Heart
Cat Power : The Covers Record
Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite
Ralph Vaughan-Williams "The Lark Ascending". Unfortunately it doesn't last for two hours!
Loreena McKennitt, any of her album
Delibes FLower Duet
Nealy anything by Gregg Karukas.
I'm getting sleepy here, time for some Ozzy. Lol.
Paul Horn in the Taj Mahal..........ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Any Franz Schubert chamber music.
Elgar - Sospiri

To everyone who e-sponded: thank you. I've learned about quite a bit of new music to explore, and look forward to that pleasure.

Paul Rose The Learning Curve is a very relaxing listen. This is Acoustic Guitar Instrumental music mostly with a few songs with vocals. You can find this on cd baby or Paul has a Myspace page as well. He is a talented Guitar player from the UK. His Electric Guitar albums are good also. Promises is one of his latest releases and it really is wonderful. He has a new cd coming out soon.
Eno's Music For Airports is a close second.
...but Slowdive's Pygmalion is my favorite "calming down" album.
If you like Indian music, try anything performed by Zia Mohuiddin Dagar. He has a double disc on Nimbus with Rag Yaman as one of the two--a very calm and soulful piece.