Most overlooked LPs in the last 20 years

I thought this would be a good conversation starter. Try to keep the sonic aspect out of it, just a purely musical basis would be preferred. I'm going to limit my choice to (one) right now which I'm currently listening to, The Pretenders "Last of the Independents".
The Pretenders?

Hmmm, I thought you were looking for something unusual, like Rockhouse Annie and the M&M Girls "Live At The First Street Alley" or Toots & The Maytals "Reggae Got Soul".

M1sst1, I can't even duplicate your username, whatever, here goes, I've never heard of your bands, and I admit it, I'm not trying to out-do anyone, just start a discourse on a topic that I thought wasn't out there yet. Can't we all just get along? I thought that music was suppose to be a medium that we can all come together and "meet", as apposed to ,"I know this band, why don't you?".
As an afterthought, how can you start your response as, hmmmm, I thought..... How can you do this!? I started the thread, therefore, how can the first response be, hmmmm...I thought, (whatever). I'm the one that (thought) of the topic, not you.If you want to contribute, please do so without putting me down for bringing up the topic! DAMN! What in the hell is wrong with people these days?!!! You have a medium right here to start any topic you desire, why you choose to put my subject "down" is beyond me. Have a nice life!
Whoa, slow down! There's no need to overreact to a good natured poke.

However, look at your own thread title - it says "Most Overlooked LPs..."

I like the Pretenders and Chrissie Hynde just as much as most other people, but never considered them particularly "overlooked" and this album had at a single in the Billboard top 20 in 1994 to boot.

Guess we define "overlooked" differently.

Because it had a hit single doesn't mean it is well known. Can we at least agree on that? If I was to say, I want to hear, "I'm a Mother", would any -ucking body know what I'm talking about?! ON THIS LP, THEY WERE OVERLOOKEED1
Your last sentence reminds us all of what I was trying to say all along. To quote you, "They Were Overlooked", exactly! So, what is your point? You are saying exactly what I am saying.
Stellar idea! Post a thread with a seemingly conflicting title and content, wait for someone to respond and then attack them!

Maybe a valium would help?
Slaw, you need a little thicker skin if you are going to continue posting on Public forums.
I'd offer a suggestion, but I suspect I've overlooked the LP I would like to mention.
I've taken my valium and still feel the same. The first responder questioned the example I gave for the thread I started. If he didn't like the topic, or my example, he should have just given his own or avoided it all together. If I was the first responder to this thread, I wouldn't have started off by questioning the lp that the person who initiated the thread gave as their example.
There's 5 Minutes we will never get back! Where is my brandy?
What about Rockhouse Annie and the M&M Girls "Live At The First Street Alley"? I think that's one that often gets overlooked? But seriously how can you have never even HEARD of Toots & The Maytals?
20 years is a long time, but one LP that sticks out in my mind is Zooropa by U2. I just remember all the fuss surrounding it and I think it was overlooked mainly because most people thought of it as techno trash.
I can't believe the number of posts I've had censored in comparison.
Slaw, you seem to have taken a difference of opinion on a subject and turned it into a personal affront. That's not what was intended.

When someone talks about "overlooked" music albums, I tend to think of material that is bit further off the beaten path than The Pretenders. Even the Rolling Stones have some albums that have sold better than others, but I wouldn't call any of those overlooked either.

As others have noted, when one is in a discussion on a public internet forum, the subject can quickly take on a life of its own. There are just certain inherent risks when one throws out a topic for discussion,

Hope your day improves.
Tis a sticky subject because for me if an album by an artist
has been overlooked it seems that the artist is not popular
with the masses, the Rolling and a Stones have always been
popular with old die hards (I am not a fan), whereas an artist that I really do like (Emilie Autumn) as an example is probably an artist many on here have not even heard of and therefore an overlooked artist with overlooked cd's, sadly, very sadly indeed. Then again I prefer for the most part artists' that are more underground and not approved by the masses than the usual mega groups of old and present day.
The post reads "Most overlooked"... maybe it would be safe to say as an example that Led Zeppelin Presence (which has some of their best guitar and drum stuff on it) is more overlooked than Houses of the Holy. The first Patto and Trettioariga Kriget records are not weak when compared to any Zep record, guess which records are more overlooked. Hundreds of similar examples are out there. It's as real as gravity, no Zep or Pretenders records make the cut in a rational list of the most overlooked recordings in the last 20 years, (ok, sorry the above records are more like 30 to 35 years old).
Guadalacanal Diary- 2x4. Awesome!
I suspect that "overlooked" was just a less than perfect choice of words by the OP. On this forum, many posters are avid fans of truly OBSCURE bands/artists. The concept of a Pretenders record being more "overlooked" than their favorite records, cut by musicians who toil on completely unnoticed by almost anyone, seems offensive. Hence the tart responses.

But there is a interesting question buried in there: What record, with all the benefits of a high profile artist, has been overlooked by people who usually pay attention (ie A'goners) and why.

In the case of "Independents", I'd guess the "why" is because the Pretenders are more than a decade past their prime "share of mind" period. I don't know the record (supporting the OP's point), so I don't know if it deserves more attention here or not.

Duane mentions Zep's "Presence" as a candidate. My own choice for a record that suffered this particular fate is Fleetwood Mac's "Say You Will". To the extent that any 'Goners noticed it at all at the time of its release, the response here IIRC was generally hostile. Fleetwood Mac seems to embody, for many 'Goners, (understandably, but quite incorrectly IMO) all that has gone wrong with rock music since the good old days. Yet, "Say You Will" features truly sharp songwriting and consistently riveting guitar work. Even Stevie Nicks' contributions are pleasant enough.

So, in the spirit - if not the letter - of the OP's question, what other records qualify?

For Roseanne Cash fans, "Interiors" and "The Wheel" are quite well known and popular.

However "Ten Song Demo" is a real sleeper IMO.

Just her and Jon Leventhal with some beautiful lyrics and simple arrangements.
Most overlooked and incredibly good? Wow, where do you start... you can begin this discussion with entire genres of music that have been overlooked, because they get zero radio play. For example, Lounge, Downbeat, Electronica, Indie, Global et. al., are all overlooked and chalked with outstanding bands. I recently came across an artist named Tommy Guerrero, who is blowing my mind with his music. Guided By Voices is great example of a band that was overlooked by mainstream radio and yet is one of the most talented bands to come around in the past twenty years. Same applies to Morphine... doesn't get much better IMO. Some of the great Athens Georgia bands hid behind the shadows of REM, but are marvelous. Guadalcanal Diary was mentioned, but I would throw in bands like Love Tractor, Widespread Panic, Pylon, Chickasaw Mudd Puppies and Ravenstone as well.
I want to sincerely apologize for my "overeaction" to Mlsstl's response to my thread. We all come from different walks of life that influence our decisions and how we perceive one another, and I took his comment initially as putting me down and as an elitist remark. Again, accept my apology.
In the spirit of re energizing this thread, which I doubt is possible, Black Mountain "In The Future" (lp). I'm interested in hearing Toots and the Maytals, is it available on vinyl at record shows? I will write it down for my next outing.
Slaw, no need for an apology. You started the thread with a specific perspective. It brought something else to mind for me and some others.

No big deal and all pretty mild in terms of internet forum discussions.

My LP copy of Toots & The Maytals is Island Records ILPS9374. Fun stuff. It happened to be on my mind as I'd converted it to digital for my music server last week.
You are very gracious.