Most neutral speaker cable for less than $5 a foot

Any suggestions to beat a DH Labs T14? I need a 30 feet pair so $ is a concern.
try Mapleshade's Golden Parallel cable. $215 for a 30' pair. Their cables do exactly what Mapleshade says they do, particularily better transparency and cleaner bass -- if you don't like them, send them back within 30 days.
I use DH Labs T14 with good results, although I find it a bit light in the bass. Better if you bi-wire with this cable. I've also used this cable: in another system, also with very good results. 12 ga oxygen free 100 ft for $42.63... can't beat it.

I would also check out I haven't tried them, but I've heard good things about them.
van den Hul clearwater.
Extension cord from Home Depot...but whatever you do, don't use the cord with anything else before hooking it to your speakers or it will affect the burn in.

A Hedge trimmer makes the cable sound clipped
A vacuum cleaner makes the cable sound suck (but it can be complementary if you use a tube amp)
A power drill makes the cable sound penetrating

LOL ;-)
Shadorne: what do you use on your $15,000 ATC speakers? I am leaning more toward the "cheap cable do it right anyway" side but always curious to see what people use behind their own doors. You forgot: a thief will make your speaker disappear. Thanks for the laugh anyway!
Look at Alpha-Core HT speaker cable. This is what I plan to use for my long outdoor speaker runs.
I go for the Paul Speltz.
For longish runs Iv'e seen the MIT in wall wire with their gizmo on the end acceptable. I murdered a perfectly good extension cord to try out on speakers with poor results, possibly because it was very-well broken-in by heavy Skillsaw use. Regards, Mike

I use XLR cables. Ordinary "Yorkville" cables from Long and McQuade (a guitar/music store). The speakers are active and as such have very high input impedance. The XLR cables carry low level signal voltage with very little current and act as long interconnects.

I have used 14 ga orange extension cord for 20 years with various passive speakers with 40' runs (orange is ugly unless you can hide it).

I currently use about 50' of Monster XPNW 16 gauge wire to the passive surrounds. I don't like the way it knicks easily but it is flat and easy to paint.
Thanks, I failed to realise that you ATCs were active! anyway, seems that you put your money where you joke is and do not blow $000s in cables. I will take your suggestion seriously then!