Most Neutral Furutech Power Cable

Anybody have any input on the most neutral Furutech power cable? It will be used with Furutech F-46 plugs.
In my experience, the plugs make the most difference by far.  Therefore, I use the very top (carbon fiber) Furutech plugs with Neotech wire...made the cable myself (very easy) never heard better.
Which Neotech wire did you use? I have the FI-46, its the gold plated version of the Furutech TOTL series. 

The plugs made a HUGE difference, more than I can imagine. I am using it now with Gotham Audio 85025
The problem with Furutech and many other cables is that it's always stranded wiring.  Furutech actually has very thin strands (which are common).  It doesn't matter if it's OCC or silver or the most pure copper you can find.  Stranded will always have compromises.  If you still want a stranded power cable, probably the best is the Neotech NEP-3001  from VH Audio.   However, I would actually recommend getting an Audioquest NRG-4 (which can be had used for very cheap).  Music Direct is actually blowing them out for half price:

It uses all solid-core conductors which are Audioquests Perfect Surface Copper (very close to OCC).  It's a 13awg power cord.  Then just chop the ends and apply your Futuech plugs.

I disagree that plugs make the most difference.  It's a 50/50 impact between the plugs and the actual cable.  Although, many people just don't realize how important the plug connector really is.
So, I actually splurged and bought some Oyaide Black Mamba power cable from Japan. I will give that a shot. It got excellent reviews
Someone asked where I got the power cable from. I bought it off of ebay from a seller in Japan. I heard about him from a guy on cable asylum who ordered from him before and said it was the real cable and not a knock off. 

@auxinput...I look at the Audioquest cables. Are they really solid core like Romex? I thought that wasn't legal to make cables that are solid core? or at least get UL approval
Well, not necessarily.  Romex won't really pass for an external power cord because it really doesn't have enough insulation/covering for durability.  It also is very thick solid core, which will actually break over time when you bend it back and forth many times (which is what happens with normal external power cords).

The Audioquest NRG really is solid core.  It just uses much smaller 19awg and 21awg conductors.  They are also wrapped together with a thick PVC insulation/sheath so it is impossible to bend the power cord to the point where you are stressing the solid-core.  You can't bend the Audioquest cords at a 90 degree angle like you can Romex.  It's more like a gradual curve.  The cables are very stiff, so you need to allow room to gradually bend the cables around.

The NRG-4 uses 4 x 19awg for HOT and 5 x 21awg for NEUTRAL and another 5 x 21awg for GROUND.  All solid-core.

Other companies make solid-core power cords, but in my opinion Audioquest is the only one who does it right. 

If you look at VH Audio, they have a Neotech NEP-3200 that uses 4 x 17awg OCC solid-core conductors.  It's excellent copper, but I think you may start losing high frequency.

Nordost uses 16awg solid-core conductors in their power cords and use silver-plating to increase the high resolution resoponse (large awg conductors will start to lose high frequency capability). 

There's a company called Evidence Audio that uses 4 x 18awg conductors for hot/neutral, but I don't think the copper is anywhere as good as Audioquest.