Most NEUTRAL class A mono's

Hi Goners,

Would like some opinions on which amps you feel are the most neutral for the Tidal Sunrays [By Tidal of Germany]
To go with bi-amping them, the Tidal mono's and then stereo amps are amazingly expensive!

Thanks to all...
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Azjake 02-04-10
Tidal mono's and then stereo amps are amazingly expensive!
Hey, after dropping $140,000 on the Sunrays, its all relative, isn't it?
I would buy the Sovereign Eternity monos. I have listened the Sovereign Glory driving the Contrivas and the result is amazing. I will use my Sovereign Power to drive the Tidal Piano Cera in the future....

Actually, the Sunrays are more....But that doesn't answer the question!...:)

In your [and anyone else who wishes ] opinion, have you found ANY ss amps that have near neutral presentation?



Original Sonic Impact T-amp.
Sanders Sounds mono's seem to be very neutral. I am using the ESL Monoblocks for Soundlab M1's and they have enormous power and finess. Very under rated amps - worth a listen. Roger has the Kilowatt Monoblock's for non-ESL speakers.
Sorry, I meant to add that the Sanders are not class A but seem to be in that league without any of the heat problems. I was looking for a high power class A single ended amp but the cost can be over the top and they use hugh amount of power and run hot etc. I love class A but so far I am very impressed with the sound of the Sanders. They idle at 7w but can peak at over 2000w
Surely Atma-Sphere MA 2s must rank?
Gryphon Mirage and Colosseum amps. The Antileon Signature Mono's are also quite good, in a different league vs the stereo.
I would have reservations about a $20K active low pass (LPX) myself, but that alone doesn't limit you to the Tidal Impact amps. Pass, Krell, FM Acoustics all make top quality active crossovers that could be substituted as well and accommodate different brands of amps, which really opens up the options. Maybe SS for bass and tubes above? BTW, adding an active high pass to the already existing passive high pass can work well if the former is set to a slightly higher frequency. I've done it on my Genesis along with the factory active low pass.
Not Class A but one of the most neutral amps for the money are Spectral. And they are well priced new. The preamp is also incredibly neutral as well.
Peteferg, I had the Sanders Sound Megtech amp for non-esls. It is extraordinarily powerful and sounds great and definitely a best buy at $5000, but i don't think it is in the league of the Tidals and Sovereigns, although I need to say I am going with others' opinions on both of these, as I have not heard either.
Symphonic Line Kraft 300 are the best class A mono's I have heard. But I have to be honest I hear them at a show in an all Symphonic Line set with Lumen white speakers. But that set sounded neutral and powerfull to my ears.

Maybe the Soulution mono's are better but they are not class A. If I had to chose it would be hard.
I have not listened to any Tital speakers, only heard that the Sunrays are quite impressive. The drivers on the side of Sunrays remind me of the multi-directional design in better MBL speakers to which I did listen. While the spaceous and holistic effect of Sunrays is expected to be wonderful, given my experience with MBL, can somebody comment on the directional projection of Sunrays? Can you actually pin point the positions of different instruments and voices in the soundstage? Thank you.
Hi Azjake,

congrats...i have not heard the Sunrays, but have read they are phenomenal. There is someone on AGon who owns Tidals and displays his system here. he uses Gryphon Colosseum Monos. I have a good friend who also has his system on here (and has owned Krell Evo One's, Wavac 833 mark iis, etc) and he currently owns Gryphon colosseums as well as Wavacs.

I suggest Wavacs 833s and Gryphon colosseums are a good start. I own the Gryphon Antileon myself.

I have also heard Boulder 1060...seriously neutral but NOT strident to my ear. Just very, very, very neutral Class A. I was not expecting to be impressed by the Boulder, and I really was. I think it does "absolute" neutrality quite well, but its just not my own personal taste.

for example, my own taste is Sonus Faber Strads, Zanden DAC, CJ Act 2 and Gryphon very high quality but not exactly neutral. Highly detailed but with some warmth/color.

Hope that helps...just one person's suggestions. Good luck and enjoy the system!!! Please update when you've made your choice...better yet, if you have the time, share your experiences on the (no doubt) very high end amps you audition!!! Would love to read. all the best.