Most musical valved cd player found used for under $1,000

Im newly entering the discovery of the influence of valves in providing very musical and enjoyable music. My fist step was to shelve a 30 year old Accuphase E205 integrated solid state amplifier and replaced it with the Vincent MK-236 MKII hybrid integrated amp. The Accuphase incliuded a MM and MC pre-amp which the Vincent has neither so i next purchased the Vincent PHO-701 to drive my Linn Sondek LP12 turntable. Speakers are the Golden Ear Triton 3's also recently purchased. I am now looking for a CD player that would at least compliment my current equipment and preferably still hold its own if/when I eventually upgrade the amp and speakers. I would like advice on a good quality used (of sound build quality) valved CD player for under $1,000. I should mention that i primarily listen to jazz in the Acoustic Alchemy, Peter White, Keiko Matsui, Fourplay genre but also enjoy listening to music from classic rock like Led Zeppelin and Ian Anderson. Thoughts?

I would simply look for a good CD deck as you already have valves in the preamp section of the new amp.


Did you try patching the phono section of the 205 through the new Vincent amp?

If not I suggest you give it a try and compare it to the $500 (street price) Vincent phono.

I owned and used to love my Lector CDP-7 TL but seems these are some $2k or so used ... still keep your eye out for one