Most musical stereo tube amp under 5K..

...monoblocks out of the question due to space/shelving considerations (has to be a single-chassis stereo tube amp). Also, must be able to drive inefficient speakers (Totem Mani-2: 85db; 4 ohms).

I am looking at a VTL ST-150 for ~ $2,300 used right now. (only problem is no balanced inputs). Any other ideas?? (VTL deal must be decided on in next 48 hours). Thanks!
Still a lot of music left in the BAT VK-60 - can likley get a pair of monoblocks (120W each) for $5K or so on this site used. Great sounding!!
Hi guys
I am new to the forum.
I am driving Magnepan 1.6 with Rotel 980BX. My source is usually Utube videos thorugh Dacmagic plus or Sirius radio from satellite dish. The preamp is ADCOM GFP-750.
Sometimes I like it via pre out depending on the music. The sound is very good. But I know I can do better with more power & a better preamp. Also I am seriousely considering a tube preamp with aseparate SS amp due to high current requirement of Magnepans. I am also prepared to trade in the the DAC, preamp & the amp. Any ideas? I only have a 2.5K to spend.
To the original poster of this forum, believe it or not!, Vincent audio has alot of very musical amps for the price-point under discussion here, they excell alot of amps performance, A sleeper if you will, audio's least talked about unkown giant killer!