Most musical stand mount loudspeakers

In your opinion what is the most musical stand mount loudspeaker you have heard. please state what kind of music you listen to.
the best demo i heard for stand mount was axpona 2018 next level room and the raidho d1.2 speakers $27k. Little closer to reality was at simply stereo playing the paradigm persona b $6k streaming thru the anthem str integrated.

Technically, the Harbeth 40.2 sits on a stand, so the 40.2.

More along the lines of what you may be thinking about, the Fritz Carrera B.  Oh yes, and then the Gamut RS3i in the upper price range.

Musicality is subjective in the confines of a system and room environment. 
Well I’ve heard both those Harbeth and Fritz and no doubt they both fit the bill well. 
I’m always curious about fritz but even for a one man shop, his site is just awful....can’t tell what range..model..prices...