Most musical integrated amp you have heard?

Not sure how to define "musical" precisely, maybe just the feeling that "you are there". Use this as standard, what is the integrated amp you have ever heard that gives you that feeling? regardless price point.
To this date my favorite is the Rowland Concentra. I had the first version, not sure if the 2nd Concentra II sounded different, other than it did have more power.
Naim Supernait - I personally think the Naim line is one of the most musical systems around. I haven't heard them all though.
BAT 300 integrated, I owned about 5 years ago. Very musical and well build. I should have kept it.
It was only a prototype, but the VAC Alpha was VERY musical and enjoyable.
Jadis DA-30 Inox Luxe. Sweet!!!
My vote goes to Naim (especially vocal) and Plinius.
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Accuphase E-550
!. Ayon Triton...runs hot, though...ok it ought to, it's a powerful tube unit
2. Karan KAI-180
ASR Emitter 2 Exclusive.

My old Naim set up (252/300) was miles off so i'm surprised to see them mentioned here.Though not integrated i know..
depends on the room and the speakers.
The Blue Circle Katlas. Not just “you are there”, but you are there and completely captivated by the performance. I’m using one with my Harbeth SHL5’s in a near-field set-up and it’s very addictive.
Vitus SS-010. Not perfect, but incredibly musical!
Another vote here for Naim. I have a Nait XS. Most musical sound I've had in my system. Even beat McIntosh C42/MC252 combo.
I recently got to hear the Viva Solista tube integrated in a friend's system. That is a terrific, albeit expensive, integrated amp. It is a single ended triode using 845 output tubes. It is quite funky in that it uses two 211 tubes as rectifiers!

The sound is warm and relaxed without being sluggish or murky. It is also dead quiet as far as noise (my friend's system is about 105 db efficient, so quiet IS a big deal).
Jadis DA-60
The Bel Canto S300i is outstanding.
Graaf 50B run balanced is a real winner
Pathos TT ref is another real good one
APL Hifi UA-S1, most musical, separates included.
LSA Signature is a really great integrated and very musical.
leben cs300xs
I think it was all mark levinson gear and I do
not recall what the speakers were but that was the
only time every I thought 'this sounds live-wow'and
so recently I was at the local hifi shop and they have
an all krell and B&W room and all I could think was
'this setup costs how much'
LSA Signature. Clearing the the worlds best integrated amp.
Smholl, can you provide more details about the comparision between the naim nait xs and the mcintosh c42/mc252? The mcintosh gears are much more expensive than the nait xs.
I'd agree with Larryi.....Viva Solista mkII (August 09 upgraded) is one of the most natural music machines ever build.
NAD 3020a

ASL el34 AQ1003DT

Accuphase E-202
Redgum RGI-120enr
Rate at 155wpc they are very powerful with lovely midrange and bass response . The units come with a factory test spec sheet and my unit indeed came with test specs of 215wpc into 8ohm . Very reliable and great customer service and backup.
Accuphase Integrated amps. I think the LFD Zero III is going up the list as well the more i listen to them at the dealer's place.
I'll second the Leben CS300XS. A good combination of the realness of tubes and the toe-tapping PRaT of Naim or Exposure.
I use the Viva solista and have to say it is the best amp I have had. Fast , transparent and neutral with real drive. Having said that, I am about to get rid of it, my wife hates it, to big, to black, runs to hot.
I had a Karan K180, which was'nt nearly as good, neutral, but lacked drive and dynamics.
I heard the LSA room at RMAF and was very impressed indeed, with the standard amp, the Signature and statement must be very good indeed.
What I currently own - a McIntosh MA6600. "Musical" just happens to be the word I most often use to describe the sound.
I've heard all of the Pathos hybrid tube/SS integrated amps in my system and they are all quite enjoyable and musical. The TT and INPOL have a very special magic, but I prefer the extra power and bass control offered by the Logos. I've read good things about McIntosh, though a few people have told me that this brand is a bit more musical as separates (preamp+amp) than as a single integrated (I can't confirm this personally).
Mac MA230. A little light on bass but as enjoyable listenable as any thing around.
Jadis DA 60 with Horn speakers
A lot of good ones on this list. I wish I had more time to spend with the Jadis 30 & 60s. I found the Ars Sonum Filoharmonia to be exception with my Merlin speakers. It is tubed and only 30 watts, but with an easy, tube friendly impedance load and 87db or higher sensitivity, this was an exceptional little integrated. Would like to compared A/B with the Jadis gear, but I have not had that chance. Would love to try out the Leben gear to, but, not so easy to do. If I need more power I would look at SS from Rowland and Pass.
Another vote for Naim. I have had the Nait 5i-2 for 18 months now, loved it from day 1 and it keeps getting better! I'm astounded.
The McIntosh MA6600, magic. In the tube realm, and not alot of money, the SQ-88 by way of Quest for Sound.
Cayin A-88T
Musicality is unfortunatly a very subjective topic, and of course an integrated amp depends on each system overall setup, not to mention music tastes, room shape/size and prefered source (Lp, Digital, etc..)

Hard call indeed -
I know,nobody knows what this name represents but it is the best kept secret in audio industry for few years now.SROLL LYRIC IS THE NAME OF THIS INCREDIBLE MACHINE!And it comes from Czech rep believe or not.It may be the best amp in the world.
I sold all my Naim gear, and I was fanatic about that company,after I heard this gear.Includes super DAC.Just amazing,I have no words for this.It won over many amps even Halcro DM38 in direct comparasion.
Mike - Do you know if they have a distributor in the US?
CJ CA200 and my search is now done.
Steve, what did you like so much about the CJ CA 200?
I like the laid back and easy-on-the-ears midrange presentation, the quickness of the dynamic response and the silkyness and extension of the highs; all in all very close to a tube sounding amp as any solid state design I have heard, but with the quickness and solidity in the bass of the best solid state designs. It just sounds better and better the more you turn it up, never getting gritty or beamy.

What a seriously nice amp!
Unfortunately there is no distributor in US.
My vote is also unanimously for the VivA Solista Mk2. Best I've heard in my system by a LONG shot! The power rating is completely misleading. I drove my 87dB Hansen Prince V2 effortlessly. AMAZING amp. Absolutely musical...
Hands down, The Audio Note Oto
My Class A solid state Cayin 265Ai isn't chopped liver. It might not cost as much as some of the ones mentioned above but I can say the build quality is right up there with the best.
McIntosh MA-6100... outstanding.
I am owner of Sroll Lyric for last few month.I have heard Dartzeel integrated in hifi show in Prague this year and I was disappointed as well,sounded little to bright and mechanical,maybee the speakers Wilson Benesh Chimera were the reason,I don't know but for the same money you can get the best inetgrated in the world Sroll Lyric.Please,it is not an advertising from the company,I am just an admirer of this product and I am very sad that the wide public is not aware of this treasure in hifi world.
These words you can find on his website and let me tell you there are absolutely correct,never heard anything like this in one box nor in 2,3,4 or more boxes!!!
Music is like Poetry. It is very abstract and everybody can feel something quite else when hearing it. Emotions from Music express themselves in us like invisible poetic lines. By means of our amplifier you can fully devote yourself to music Poetry, experience non-specifiable feelings. This amplifier has such extraordinary abilities that it literally excels in this “poetical” performance. That´s why we called it “LYRIC”.

During years of successful experiments with new technologies concerning analog signal processing we discovered what topology and physical properties of circuits are important for clean, natural and true sound reproduction. The output is the SIL technology in which these pieces of knowledge touch the very end of physical borders of capabilities of today´s component parts and production technologies. The LYRIC is a unique product of the highest possible category not only from the point of view of utility and technical characteristics but also as to high reliability and durability.

This amplifier reproduces a really clean and natural sound, perfectly controlled with a real dynamics and an excellent resolution of even the finest details. Its distinct characteristics is the precise depth of focus of all the dynamic peaks which don´t mask even the most silent instruments in the background of the record.

The reproduction is always full of emotions and pleasure and it is not tiring even during a long-term listening. On the contrary, when choosing a suitable genre, it works positively on the listener´s psyche and so it supports maximally healing effects of music. Thanks to the SIL technology the sound is not changed at all and it keeps all the described characteristics for very low, middle and high loudness’s.

These characteristics wouldn´t be fully used with a standard quality signal source. That´s why the amplifier contains an equally perfect D/A convertor which corrects jitter signals on the top level and in that way it needs above all data read in an errorless manner, which is only done well by the newest CD transports.

The experience with such a high amp and D/A technology shows that it is possible to get really top performance even from CD format which is comparable with high resolution formats. Even output sound from digital radios surprises the listeners.
The advantage of the SIL revolutionary technology comes to light above all during long-time hearing, best on precise loudspeakers capable of high resolution. They are commented upon too large drawing of records disadvantages, though, but after some experience with our technology you find out that huge majority of those disadvantages surprisingly disappears in full.