Most musical high-efficient 3-way bi-ampable spkr?

Help me choose a speaker!


Room will be 10'x16'; budget- less than $4k (new or used, I don't care which).

I have 4 tube amps (all modded to the max)- a pair of 7-watt 300B's for mids/highs, and a pair of 170 wpc (in triode) monoblocks for bass. They are driven direct from the analog volume of my Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 CDP. The bass amps have volume control as well, so they can be infinitely adjusted in relation to the mids/highs.

It really seems tough to find a good selection of speakers that are highly efficient (for the 7-watt SET 300B's), but also 3-way (for the bass bi-amp). No horns please...

OK- on the short list are: Coincident Partial Eclipse and Silverline Sonatina. (not interested in Soliloquy, as I have heard they are better with SS, and the Silverlines excel with tubes).

Any ideas given the above parameters? (keep in mind that up here in Canada, we have limited access to a lot of stuff- so no 'exotics' I haven't heard of please- thanks!).

BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Silverline speakers are wonderful with tubes. I haven't heard the Coincident so I can't comment on them. You might also want to take a look at the Legacy Signature IIIs. Legacy's website is I haven't heard them with a tube amp personally, but I've heard they sound very good and have a rated efficiency of 93dB. They are 4 Ohm though. They are about 12" X 12" X 50" and weigh in at 130 pounds. Good Luck!

thanks Greg- I'll check into it
If you are into classical or jazz music, you might consider the tried and tested B&W 801 Matrix S3 speakers. You can get a pair of them used for around $2,500. Given that you have 170 watts for the bass, your amps should be more than sufficient to drive these speakers. They have an unforgettable and unique sweetness and warmth, especially when they are driven by tube amps!!!
Silverline! Dale
Your fellow Canadian, Mr. Israel Blume, makes speakers that are hard to beat for your specifications. Coincident Super Eclipse are just about in your price range, and can be made for bi-amping upon request. 92db sensitive, 14 ohm (min 10), with response rated down to 28hz. Give Israel a call. The new Victory is even a little less expensive and rated at 97 db. I think you will find Coincident to be exceptional speakers, and Israel an exceptional guy that will get you in. But, you have to ask for bi-amped, as it is an option and not standard.

Best of luck.
Dale- which Silverline is your fav?
I have a pair of Coincident Partial Eclipse and find them to be exceptional speakers. I'm driving them with the DJH Signature version of the Cary/AES SuperAmp at about 35 watts per channel and for the first time in several years, I'm content with my system. Believe me, I've been through several speaker/amp combinations and by far this is my favorite.
I really, really like the SR-11. Although it's sensitivity is not quite as high as the rest of the line you have more than enough power for these. But I will bet you that the Sonatina will be hard to beat. I find that I prefer low sensitivity speakers with high powered SS amps (I cannot explain that, it just seems to be.) but the Sonatina with little fly amps had incredible sound and BASS. I think that this is what you are looking for. They were very smooth and did not make the tiny amps sound strained at all. Even with some relatively bassy material. It was a complete package. But you know the deal, "your mileage may vary"! I envied you today. There is nothing like hunting down new speakers. You get that kid on Main St. for the first time at Disneyland feeling. I hope that this is a fantastic time and you will get the sound that you are looking for. (And they do have bi-wire capabilities). I hope that there are more suggestions so that you get a full rounding.
ps; I would get the Sonatina's in briarwood. It just looks awesome. If I wasn't so hooked on my Dynaudio 1.3 Se's I would probably consider these and move to tube amps. Dale
Thanks for all the responses everyone- I think I have decided on the Coincident Partial Eclipses. I can have them set up for bi-amping, and for their size they are a wonderful, full-bodied speaker, yet also efficient enough for SET. Also- I will be having them upgraded to add Coincident TRS internal wiring and the new Scan Speak Revelator tweeter from the flagship Total Eclipse as well- should be fun!
Mighty nice! You are going to have a great weekend. Maybe even take Monday off. Dale