Most musical CD / album ? need recommendation

Hi, Im looking for musical CDs / Albums that you can listen from track 1 to finish. It can be vocals or instruments.

Kings of Strings all the way!
Try Rolling Stone top 500
Or "besteveralbums' dot com
For Rock suggestions. If they list it in the top few hundred.. Well a LOT of fols like it.

You canalso browse music lists of other folks over at Amazon.
For Jazz and Rock you can browse AllMusicGuide dot com and search by artits and read bios, reviews of music.
The complete works of Johnny Lester and his toy piano...
What does 'musical' mean in re: a CD anyway? Seems like you are after easy to listen to, or non-fatiguing, or something along those lines. Is that how you define musical?
Here's a thread with suggestions for perfect albums start to finish.
Easy to listen would be more melody oriented media, but musical is I guess where the music is more than melody.
I can listen to almost anything by Chet Atkins for as long as they will play.
The only thing I don't like about Chet that he'd only cover at most and not too many songs of his own.
Chet did what he did best, play guitar and produce music. He was not a songwriter. Didn't need to be. But he's one stop shopping for fantastic and accessible instrumental interpretations of many tunes by many artists. One of the most listenable and "musical" artists ever IMHO.

Been looking to dig into some Merle Travis in the near future as well. He was a big influence on Atkins and many a guitar player as well.
Can't beat This for a most musical 8 albums on 4 CDs with great sound and for dirt cheap.
Any fan of Chet should check out Tommy Emmanuel (though you would probably already know of him). Tommy was very close to Chet and they even recorded an album together. Though not everyone's cup of tea, Tommy's playing is sort of "Chet on steroids." He handles the guitar like almost no ever before.
Tommy is part of Kings of Strings in the middle channel. He's great and more advanced than Chet Atkins IMHO.
But he's more advanced because Chet was there to provide a starting point. Could Tommy exist if there had not been Chet?
I mean, his extraordinary talent would find its way somehow but he really needed that Chet A. CGP springboard to get going IMO.
I guess Tommy would exist regardless and with the same fame.
I've read about Tommy Emmanuel but not familiar with his music though. I need to check him out.

The thing with Chet Atkins, beyond his technical playing ability, is his ability to make the guitar communicate. When I listen to him versus other similar pickers/players, it just seems more musical in accordance with the thread topic. He also has an uncanny ability to make the notes he is playing extra special as a regular part of what he does. His success as a music producer is undoubtedly related to this aspect of his talents as well. He was also an exceptional human being and a great role model for all by all accounts and based on my recollections.