Most Musical amp?

Any thoughts? SS or tube? Which model? Examples?
Tube - Musical Reference RM9 -

I have owned many a tube amp and this 20 year old is the most musical I have owned. I upgraded the coupling caps to Duelund CAST and this amp sings!
Luxman 550 A II,
i had many amps already to come to this conclusion.
I always have a difficult time wrapping my mind about what are the attributes that audiophiles value concerning what is or is not "musical". Euphonic, somewhat exaggerating harmonics or overly rich, decidely not accurate, might be considered musical to one listener while "accurate", or more neutral could be of greater value and considered more musical to another. The reason there are so many differing opinions is that each of us value different things in what we hear and perceive. The question is impossible to answer but to the individual listener. In any case the amp and speakers must work together for starters. Going back to a review I read back in the mid 80's in "High Performance Review" in comparing the solid state Krell KMA 100 mono amps to the all tube Audio Research M100 mono amps the reviewer asked how can two amps that both sound so "right" can at the same time sound so different?
Newest version MD factory upgrade/modded Jolida JD502P...voted "Most Musical Amp in My House" by myself, and cost way less than the competition. I also have had many (many) amps, but this one takes the proverbial cake...note the almost complete lack of publicity or advertising from these (Jolida MD) guys. I think they're hiding something.
I like some of yhe old krell stuff, krell700cx.
Eico hf89 with V-Caps
Scott 222c is my favorite!