Most involving and thrilling moviemusic?

The more tips the more I will have to buy....
I enjoy the soundtrack from " Some Kind Of Wonderful ". Although I have only found this on cd. If anybody has this on LP and would like to part with it please contact me.
Alexander Nevsky.

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Here's two:

-"Such a Long Journey", Jonathan Goldsmith (Red Sky LTD)

-"Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon", Tan Dun -w- Yo-Yo Ma (Sony)

You should also try to rent "SALJ" on DVD/VHS.

Like everything except the title track on "CTHD".
Well--I'm not sure it makes most involving and thrilling, but I like Danny Elfman soundtracks. This is kind of one of those guilty pleasures, but in truth this guy really captures the feel (usually dark mind you) but music is to inspire and bring out the emotion that the visual is trying to protray. I think Elfman really hits it on just about everything he's done.
IMO it's defenitely Sakamoto's soundtrack for Bertolucci's "The Sheltering Sky".
Try Men in Black II soundtrack (second movie not the first) by Danny Elfman. It is an orchestral tour de force, much better than even Mr. Elfman's many other soundtracks. Sonic and recording on CD are excellent.
I just bought Men in Black II from Danny Elman ofcourse and so thanks "Cjfrbw" or whatever your name is! Great soundtrack! wow! And now guys: this great soundtrack gave me an appetite for more soundtracks. Please fill in!
Rives and Zeerlastig,

If you like Elfman and don't already have it, "The Nightmare Before Christmas' is absolutely beatiful, IMO.

Chariots Of Fire...The Killing Fields...Blade Runner
Beethoven the Immortal
I always liked "Cat People" with the title track by Bowie.
The Mission, The last of the Mohicans, and 1492
I'll second the Last of the Mohican's: an amazingly uplifting theme throuhgout the disc.
I agreed with DRRdiamond, Alexander Nevsky is a great album. Other type, nice jazz, I like "In the mood for love" soundtrack.
"Glory". James Horner did a great job. If you can find it on vinyl, buy it! Sounds good, too.

And now, for something completely different, "To Live and Die in LA". I know, I know, it's Wang Chung, but try it you'll like it. Or, the soundtrack to "Manhunter", one of Michael Mann's first movies.

I enjoy the following soundtracks:
"The Mission"
"Blade Runner"
"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"
"Grand Canyon"
"No Way Out"
"Dances With Wolves"
"Local Hero"
Dances with Wolves
Once Upon a Time in America
Standing in the Shadows of Motown
The Temptations
Michael Mann's "Thief" soundtrack by Tangerine Dream is a much overlooked one, and their other film score for "Legend" is equally good. "Alien 3". But my pick for all time greatest original soundtrack is surprisingly "To Live and Die In LA" by of all bands Wang Chung!?!? I also like the totally ridiculous score for Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange". "Repo Man" is also a great album with much of the great and nearly lost music of the Plugz. "Bird" with the all-star line up for recreating Parker's live sets, and "'Round Midnight" aren't half bad either.
For something different try the "Kill Bill" Soundtracks. I like #1 the best but both sound great! Also Once Upon a Time in Mexico!
I had kind of randomly clicked through this list - it's so funny someone else picked "To Live and Die In LA".

"Jackie Brown" as well on the Tarantino front. "Empire of the Sun", even though generally I hate John Williams, is a totally different soundtrack. Two more great eighties soundtracks for that retro party thing: "Valley Girl" and "Pretty and Pink".
I second Empire of the Sun! Even better on the LP.
great thread - I became a real fan of Movie soundtracks last year. Here are my favorites, generally in order of favoritism - many already mentioned above:

"Winged Migration"
"The DaVinci Code"
"Whale Rider"
"Koyyanniquatsi" and "Powaquatsi"
"Dances With Wolves"
"General's Daughter"
"Killing Fields"
"A Beautiful Mind"
. .
My favorite Philip Glass soundtrack is "Mishima". Everyone always says "The Mission" but "Killing Fields" (same director) is just as good. I think it's that it's so understated. Another one you wouldn't suspect: "Crazy/Beautiful".
the soundtrack to Lynch's INLAND EMPIRE
For all of the Lynch films for that matter. Or as Frank Black would say:

Got wasted, erased head
Koyyannisquatsi" "High Fidelity" Music for Films" Brian Eno
hate the movie but "Last Temptation of Christ" Peter Gabriel
There are probably gobs of soundtracks that impart bigger really profound stuff, but i really like Little Green Bag near the beginning of Reservoir Dogs. Also enjoyed the way Vincent Gallo used Yes 'Heart of the Sunrise' in Buffalo 66.
Strange but true, two recent ones: Tokyo Drift which includes the 5678's, Shonnen Knife and Pizzacato Five among others and also Smokin' Aces in the Tarantino vein.

Duane, Buffalo 66 ROCKS. As does the soundtrack.
Star Wars

"The Last Emperor"
Bernard Herrmann's music for "Mysterious Island" "The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad" "Jason and the Argonauts" "Psycho" "North by Northwest" "Farenheit 451" "The Day the Earth Stood Still".

Really, almost anything by Bernard Herrmann!
Personally, I just love the Lord Of The Rings soundtracks. There are themes and songs for every mood and time of day. Then again it might not be everybody's cup of tea. However I do highly recommend listening to it. Even if you are a Lord of the Rings stranger ;)
Movie sound tracks, no collection is complete without at least a few.

My short list, some thrilling and foreboding others just plain good music.

The Boy's from Brazil

Peter Gunn

Breakfast At Tiffany's

2001 Space Odyssey

The Last of the Mohican's

The Pink Panther

American Graffiti

If you are old school, you may enjoy the soundtrack to "Ben-Hur, A Tale of the Christ" beautifully composed by Miklos Rozsa. It may get a little tedious with the Roman Galley music but classics like the memorable "Panem et Circenses", "Victory Parade Part 1 & 2", and the recognizable "Circus Parade (Parade of the Charioteers)" are well worth the 2 CD set.
Bourne Ultimatum original soundtrack and filmscore by John Powell.
Two scores that are unusual and beautiful:

SOLARIS. Composer: Cliff Martinez.
THE FOUNTAIN. Composer: Clint Mansell
Amelie. Lost in Translation. Rushmore. Trainspotting.
National Treasure.
Harold and Maude
Myrow & Seagrave's "Phantasm" gives me all the sonic thrills I can handle - Varese Sarabande, VC 81105 Original LP - Not far behind would be Bernard Herrmann's "Pshyco" Soundtrack on London Phase4 LP.
There Will Be Blood -- Johnny Greenwood's score plays nearly ever minute of the film, and is responsible for creating a very large portion of suspense.

Friday Night Lights -- The official score written and recorded by the insrumental band Explosions In The Sky is anthemic and inspiring. They also made some major contributions to The Thin Red Line soundtrack as well.
"Dark Streets"... the best DVD New Orleans sound track ever. The CD of the sound track is OK but it doesn't include the majority of the music that's on the DVD.
The Departed
The Brando version of Mutiny on the Bounty.