Most intriguing DAC?

There's always a lot of hoopla when a new DAC comes out like the ESS Sabre32 and AKM 32 bit DACs. But these are all on silicon.

Few manufacturers actually makes discrete DACs. In the past, I was only aware of one company, Meitner, (may be dCS?) that did this. Recently I came across MSB Technologies Platinum DAC III that use closely matched discrete resistors (0.1% tolerance for standard DAC, 0.01% for the Signature upgrade, and 0.001% for the Diamond upgrade). It is a variant of the older, but highly valued, ladder DAC. MSB is one of few DAC companies that offers a steady upgrade path. I really find this DAC intriguing. But why is this DAC hardly mentioned on audio discussion sites or in the press?
That would have to be the Benchmark based on combination of high detail/resolution, jitter immunity, and relative value.
Benchmark, MHDT Labs Paradisea or Havana, Bel Canto DAC III, PS Audio, Bryston, TADAC......

There are a lot of good ones
About MSB they were one of the first audio companys to build the out board dac. Good question why don't you hear much about them. I think it has to be marketing, it just has not been good. They make some of the best usa audio products out their i have had a few. You never here to many reviews about their products either.
Only formal review of the MSB Platinum DAC III was in Bound for Sound years ago. I know DIYers who could only dream of building a discrete DAC. Discrete resistor in the 0.001% tolerance is pretty remarkable. I think AMR is contemplating such a DAC but it's years away.
There are some reviews here (in French):

You can use Google Translate to translte into English:
"About MSB they were one of the first audio companys to build the out board dac."

Theta invented the outboard DAC I believe.
didn't Al Gore invent the internet? Seriously I know Theta was one of the first to put out an outboard DAC but it's not the point of this thread. Just trying to find out if anyone has firsthand experience with MSB Platinum DAC III. Very few have tried what MSB has done.
Maybe you don't see much of the MSB DACs on the forums becuase its too expensive for most people.
Marvin, I believe MSB Platinum III goes for around 6 or 7 grand. This is expensive but not that expensive compared to $10k+ DACs and CDP that are regularly discussed on this forum.
Arthur Salvtore at High-End Audio has a short review on the MSB platium III dac and transport under march recent reviews
Berkeley Audio perhaps?
Don't forget what Linn has done with there "Klimax" dac. It does sound totally awesome.Unfortunately it is expensive. If they could only lower it to around $10,000, I would probably buy one.
Montejay, I saw that review on Salvatore site. They evaluated the unit with no upgrades, but it still got "lower A" rating.

Psacanli, I have no idea which DAC chip Berkley Audio uses or how it's implemented so I don't know if it is really innovative.

Xsparky, ditto for Klimax as well. At least the name is innovative in a sexual kinda way.
Hi Dracule1,
In reading the review,they said the redbook was excellent but what held it back was the lack of sacd.Having heard some good sacd players (esoteric X03SE and Krell Standard MKIII)I understand how good that format can be.
Montejay, I agree. Lack of SACD is a downer but I wonder if they played any PCM hi rez (eg, HRx by Reference Recordings, 24 bit, 176 kHz) instead of just RB CD recordings? I have a feeling these hi rez formats may sound better than SACD.
Ayre QB-9
Hey Dracule1,
Ive heard alot of the the hi rez (XRCD2 and K2HD's)I own quite a few.Until recently, I would also have thought they were some of the best sounding digital.
What has totally changed my thinking is hearing a few high quality SACD players(Esoteric X03SE and D&P05,Krell Standard MKII).I never heard any digital so good.Ear opening The music just jumps out of the speakers in ways I've never experienced before. Each instument was placed logically and every nuance picked up.If I could one day swing it the D05 P05 with the 32 bit chip would be my endgame in digital.

I'm really liking my new Wavelength Cosecant V3
hi montejay, I am glad to hear you had such good experience with sacd. I have been under impression PCM hi red formats are as good if not better than sacd. Of course implementation is more important than format in this case considering real world rather theoretical.
Hi Dracule1,
Your right. For me, once I heard real good sacd,I couldn't get it out of my head.I'm now thinking of going sacd,but to do it right requires $$'s.I do like my redbook player with my K2hd's and XRCD's,however sacd's when played on a great player on a fine system are really quite the experience.
I have a MSB Platinum Plus DAC, which I will eventually get upgraded. I find I get better sound from using my Esoteric SA-10 SACD player as a transport for the MSB, and using the SA-10 to play SACDs only than the SA-10 alone as a CD player. The MSB is amazing--some hybrid SACDs sound as good or better as CD only through the Esoteric/MSB combination than as SACDs. Will check out the Arthur Salvatore review.
Hi Jamiehughburr, are you upgrading to the Signature DAC or the outrageously expensive Diamond DAC?