Most impressive speaker AXPONA 2022

First l want to say the show was great as usual. I was disappointed PS audio was not there,l was looking forward to listening to the new FR30'S...Also disappointed to see Gryphon had nothing to listen to...could of at least had a set of MOJO's there...there amplifiers are unbelievable in person.My vote for the speaker that really stood out was the Sonus Faber Aida ll ...there were systems with cleaner sound...but l never heard a full range speaker with that kind of bass..omg..that speaker could go deep and loud like no other....great show!


My wife and I began with the ATC’s up on the 15th floor. They had a pair of the SCM 40’s and a pair of the 19’s set up and it wasn’t fair of us to begin there because not too many rooms could even hope to sound better. I am a total ATC fanboy, admittedly, but those things just have impact.

We found that in general, at least in the standard sized rooms, smaller speakers were generally sounding better. The Borresens sounded absolutely magical. My wife whom enjoys good music and good sound but doesn’t obsess like many of us here do, was really captivated by the crystal clear but fluid and mesmerizing sound of them. The next room we visited was Salk Sound. They had some nice $10k speakers playing but after the Borresens they were flat and ordinary. It was good to see that such a contrast was obvious to a non-audiophile.

The Raidho’s were spectacular too. My next lottery win will be handed over to the Danes.

SVS should get a mention for their new $800 active do-anything standmounts. It would be hard to think of a better deal for a buy-once and forget-it person who just wants good sounding TV or easy digital playback.

In the big, main-floor demo rooms, the ATC’s killed. I think it was a pair of the 150 ASLT’s and jeez, I like a good concert. It brought me back to some of the great live acts I’ve been to.




In the big, main-floor demo rooms, the ATC’s killed.

I believe you. Can't forget that experience from 2017 AXPONA where the similar ATCs were playing "Lose Yourself To Dance". I was in a different room and simply lost interest when I heard this grooving on the ATC system. Took me a while to get out of this room. These are rhythmically correct loudspeakers. If they don't induce the dance mood in you, then one should get themselves checked.

+1 @oranfoster 

The Borresen 02 SSE in the Next Level Hifi room on 16 were amongst the best setups in the show. Those speakers can play a much larger space than the room they are in, as well. But they consistently image well, have crystal clear resolution, and are magically musically involving. Borresen makes my favorite speakers, and I own the Z3 Cryo myself.

In addition to that room, I loved a few other rooms on similar levels. The sweet spot in the Avant Garde / DCS / VAC room was incredible. I returned a number of times to squat in the middle of that couch. 

The Aries Cerat room with the butthole-looking hybrid speakers were really incredible. 

The Burmester room with the shiny mirror and wood speakers were fantasticly musical and dynamic. 

Simaudio and Wilson on 1 were also quite dynamic and incredible. 

Yes, l agree the Borresen speakers were magical. My wife and l sat for a good 25 minute demo.Woodwind instruments sounded so real it was spooky. I couldn't believe how much energy they can deliver into a room for there size.They had some sample drivers you could look at sitting on the desk..the engineering behind them in amazing.Next Level Audio put on a spectacular demo in the Borresen 02 room.