Most forgiving high end speaker 10k-20k?

Better high end speakers are typically so high in resolution that, while they sound superb with great and maybe even good recordings, they sound mediocre to plain bad with average recordings. Given that many people have average recordings that they enjoy, and would wish to be able to listen to most if not all of their music library, what speakers in the roughly $10k-20k realm (new price) would provide an extraordinary listening experience across the spectrum (average to good recordings especially)? Does such an animal exist?
Hah, newbee, I think your right. Audiophiles would be EQ'ing every song, LOL!!! However, I agree it could be an answer to the issue at hand. What is the so-called "presence" region frquency-wise?
Jeffkad, I consider the presence region to be between 1000 and 3000 hz. Broadly increasing or decreasing the presence region, without touching the highs or low mids/bass can make a large difference in prospective without touching the bass or highs the latter of which has a great influence on soundstage size and depth.
Newbee, that's probably as good a range as any. I doubt there's any "official" definition of the presence region, but it may extend a bit beyond 3,000 Hz. I've seem some old Yamaha receivers with specified presence controls of something like +/- 13 dB at 3,000. So at least those controls are CENTERED at 3K. I'm sure other receivers have slight variations.
Yeah. Bring Mariachi Band. Highs to die for and the bass
that rattles windows. Everything under 2K.

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