Most favored hearing aid for audiophiles

Is there a brand or a model of a brand that is most favored by hearing impaired audiophiles?


Actually I’m looking forward to getting listening aids when the time comes. I know several listeners who are blown away by the custom aids they got. I guess the ones for music folks are pretty expensive, but they seem to be pretty amazing. The one fella I talk to actually has excellent cue recall.

Years ago it must have been agonizing for a listener going through sever loss, but I don’t think it’s nearly that way anymore.

You people who pick on others are probably the most hard of hearing on here. When some old fart (or young fart) here comes up and brags on his recent hearing tests results it makes me giggle. Agon must have the most handsome, richest, popular, knowledgeable and best hearing people on the planet lol. How lucky we are and blessed to be in your presence. Some of you guys are a trip :)

Michael Green

All the negative comments about the impact of hearing aids on listening acuity and how aging ears are inferior to young ones overlook the fact that the way our brain and ears function is adaptable and we can develop capacity to compensate for shortcomings in frequency response. I would urge anyone interested to view Paul McGowan's perspective on the matter. In addition to what Paul mentions, I have read many times of how aging conductors may have diminished hearing capacity but yet their abilities to discern what is happening in the orchestra remain as acute as ever because of the brains ability to compensate for hearing losses. Poll a group of audiophiles with "excellent" measured hearing at an audio show and there isn't going to be unanimity about what sounds best because there's much more to hearing than having an auditory system with a sixteen year old's frequency response. 

Bose is coming out with some interesting stuff for hearing aid.  Apparently deregulation of hearing aids is coming so there should be a lot of new products and testing methods hitting the market in the coming years.  There were a number of hearing health companies at CES this year showing some interesting things.  
  Thank God the regulation wall is finally coming down! It wasn't that I wouldn't spend dear cash on a product that would actually do a decent job for me. It is more about the idea that hearing loss is one of those things that insurance companies have ignored as best they could, and the retailers of hearing aids seem to have priced them stratospherically out of many peoples reach. A short time ago, my mother got a new set for herself, and it has changed our relationship (for communication). Now, on to music, I have tried a few hearing aids, and love how the sales pitch assures you that you must 'get used to them'. Really? MP3 hearing aids, is that what we need to get in tune to? I see more and more progress being made since headphones and the like have gotten more popular. Now, turn that effort to the 'new' hearing aid business and get more affordable products made, with reasonable music reproduction as well.
I have classic noise notch hearing loss and use middle of the road Oticon Rita2. I keep them in while using the music as wallpaper and when I sit down for a session I take them out. It’s incredible how much improvement I get when I just cup my hands behind my ears. I have often thought about this solution.