Most favored hearing aid for audiophiles

Is there a brand or a model of a brand that is most favored by hearing impaired audiophiles?

Joking aside, I would think an old fashioned ear horn would do the job. Of course, there wouldn't be any freq. equalization possible (boosting high freq. etc.).
my favorite aid is volume control.
Oh the irony of the OP's username...
It depends on what exactly is impaired. Volume control can help in some cases, so can tone controls, also choice of music etc.
Hopefully you'll get some helpful responses beyond turning the volume up or the use of an ear horn. If 1948 was your year of birth I can sympathize with you on age taking a toll on your hearing. I was born in 1949 and have had gradual hearing loss accompanied with tinnitus. I've been considering the use of hearing aids and would also be grateful for suggestions on brands.
Yep. @goldenear1948, I am also interested in what others are using/doing. 

The effect of the tinnitus for me has meant there are very few moments during the day/night when music or audio of some kind isn't playing.

Being alone with the cicadas can get claustrophobic. 

This question was addressed a few years ago, I think in the forums here.  The consensus seemed to be that the one remaining analog provider of hearing aids was making the only hearing aid that sounded musical, but, I don't recall the name of that manufacturer, sorry.   
I've tried them, but they turn music into cheap plastic.  Went round and round to try to get to a good place, but the audiologist said that although the electronics of the good ones go from 20 - 20,000 hz, proper miniature microphones haven't been invented...maybe to 6 k or so on the top, and 100 or so in the bass.
Many people texting me instead of calling for obvious reason. My hearing isn’t best since birth. Therefore I usually crank volume control. Loud music I hear much better than telephone conversation.
Basic Samsung phone gives the best sound of what I tried. Galaxy 7 is not bad. No, I don't have this kind of things, I just like good audio quality wherever it is. Did you notice that some people speak like a good loudspeaker while others like a crap loudspeaker? Most speak somewhere in between. I don't mean just over the phone, I mean in person.
I'm afraid I have no knowledge first hand, but I read ages ago that Dan D'Agostino of Krell fame used them. I wonder if anyone wants to reach out to him for advice?

I should also recommend the idea of digitally manipulating music to suite your hearing loss.

You can alter files directly, or use something like a miniDSP or nanoDSP to alter the sounds on the fly. You are probably going to get much better fidelity this way than with most hearing aids.

It's also reasonably straight forward to make custom speaker crossovers if you know the parameters of your hearing loss.


     Being a musician for 40 yrs tintinus is a real thing , I also have been diagnosed with menieres in my right ear ( they say its from so many ear infections from being a surfer my whole life I'm 49) .Its tough because ripping the volume can make my ear right ear just sizzle for an hour 100db ish' ( like being on the wing of a plane). Thats probly the main reason I havn't went crazy anymore with my system( crazy to gon memebrs lol).I usually have some type of ear protection when i am playing guitar( thats can be 120db easy).Get your hearing tested I am lacking some low end in my right ear(menieres damage).Honestly if its bad you may think of running some type of eq and setting it for your ears screw everyone else.. 
Your not alone buddy there are alot of people who love music and have hearing loss,sometimes i find it draws people in because they appriciate it more regardless of there hearing .It's just not "Coooll" lol... to talk about it here..I know alot! I mean alot of musicians who are dam near deaf (Townsend is almost deaf)  hearing damage is permanent !!.I am militant about having ear protection on my daughter from birth till now at 19mnths she love her headphones at the shows and festies its amazing to see infants and children just getting drilled with 120db its plain stupid...
good luck
I hear ya oleschool. Though getting a pair of those molded ear plugs made (which allow 5-10-15-20dB attenuation via little changeable discs) made in my early 30's, a certain amount of permanent damage had already been done (thanks Jimi!). My tinnitus is severe enough that I need to have music playing while trying to fall asleep, the "tape hiss" noise playing 24/7 in my head otherwise preventing it.
Ya bdp my wife likes complete silence .well its not always silent in my head lol .. There have been times i have thrown some jazz in the ole bose headphones and went to sleep .. When it comes to tinitus its all about trying to relieve the focus on it . Ya right huh .. I know im gonna stir it up by this comment. But in my state we have medical cannabis high cbd edibles kick tinitus ass .. They dont get you high .. Also try backing off on salts in general . If your ringing or hissing is constant well thats permanent. I would suggest a hearing test .a real one ..
Trolls not welcome... Starkey brought out a series of hearing aids this March claiming they were designed for music lovers. I wonder if anyone here  owns them or has demoed them. I can only tolerate my present very expensive Oticon's for speech as they seem to make the best analog sound like the worst MP3 ...
I have had great luck with top line oticon ...but ....only after extensive adjustment to turn off the digital compression etc...secret was to find an adiologist  who understands there AIDS and willing to work with you after your fitted...I have been very fortunate in that regard
i have two of 4 programs customized for music listening.They work great ....
I got top of line phonak. I paid full price at audiologist but Costco has similar for 1/3 the price. Made listening a pleasure again and decided to upgrade all my equipment. Highs go first as hearing declines and the hearing aids brought it back. I'm sure not as good as good ears, but night and day for me
Thank you gtsnyder! I have had them adjusted a few times, but now I will make an appointment and specify that that they be adjusted with music as the number one priority before I change brands based on advertising only

I've recently trialed Siemens Silk, Widex CIC and Phonak titanium. Of the three, the Widex although bulky and stick out of the ears, so less discrete, gave the clearest sound and the best balance. I could hear the harmonics on guitars and other instruments while the others seems thin and distorted and the voices muffled.  Could be that I haven't got the others properly setup so I don't want to criticise the other products. I've had aids from both in the past. I just wondered if anyone else had any experience of these?