Most expensive piece of vinyl you acquired is?

I will start with Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii 1972 Unofficial Greek pressing in Mint condition for interested how far do you folks are prepared to go for something you love on vinyl...
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I am cheap. Most of the used Lps I buy are a few (US) dollars.
Lately I have been buying new reissues, as those are suddenly being added as the vinyl revival booms.
So most of those are from $12 to $30
I have paid as much as $50 for a new LP, but that is pretty rare.
I would never pay a lot for a LP. My theeory is I can find one cheaper sooner or later.
Same thing for buying some beat up copy. Never. I also assume I can find a great copy soon enough, so I pass on scratched up stuff. (which is usually overpriced for condition)

There is no LP I would say I would 'have to have' at any cost. nope.
I am right there with Elizabeth. I have purchased a few reissue box sets: The Doors and Genesis, but the individual LP cost was never above 30 bucks. "There is no LP I would say I would 'have to have' at any cost."

I've just gotten back into vinyl in a big way, and I don't want to spend a lot of time looking for used records; can somebody give me a "heads up" on the various qualities of new vinyl?
I haven't bought vinyl for a very long time. But I don't value the most expensive ones the most. I have a bunch of pseudo direct to "disk" I bought in the eighties for around $30 bucks each but the one I prize the most is a true direct to disc Mingus jazz 45 I found in a bargain bin for $3 bucks. They are truly right there playing for you.
The most expensive i have that i know of is Mercury Living Presence Janos Starker SR-90303 dvorak bruch cello concerto. I have seen sold prices on this from 120.00 to 175.00. I got if for .49 cents a white label promo and mint.

Most i paid or over paid was $30+ for an 80's Rolling stones Exile in Main Street. it was unopened.
I considered $100 for an original 'Kiko' from the UK but held off. Now, I'm waiting for the MoFi release.
Japanese pressing of The Wall, from a vendor at CES a long time ago. It was $200, but sounds wonderful! I seem to reach for regular old vinyl the most. Some of my best sounding stuff was not expensive. Most recently Lowell George: Thanks I'll Eat it Here. For new vinyl, Nick Drake: Pink Moon sounds excellent.
Orpheus10. Sadly, there is little i nthe way of price performance ratios to guide the buyer.
Plenty of low cost vinyl is great, and more than enough of the expensive stuff sucks.
The one pressing plant to avoid is Scorpio. Which does mostly sub $10 reissues.
Other claim 4 Men With Beards suck also.
Most major rereleases you do not know the pressing plant offhand.
Though RTI often has a sticker mentioning they pressed the item on the cover. (RTI is usually pretty good)

I have purchased about 150 new records in the past 5 months, no complaints at all from me about quality.
Elisabeth 150 vinyls in 5 months? must be a national champ only this year with that tempo you will buy more vinyl than i in my lifetime...i dont want to be rude by any means but i hope you dont have one of those obsessive compulsive disorders or something...back on track Liz i would want to believe in your theory that you will get LP sooner or later for cheaper...but in "my" case i would never see almost half of my collection cuz some quality pressings or rare pressings just cost more than 5 bucks...that dosent mean that i dont have bunch vinyls buyed at the low one said that if vinyl is expensive must be sonicaly excellent...Orpheus every vinyl is story for himself so take a good look at all the pressings available(discogs have good database) and which is sonicaly most praised but in most cases i recommend you to go at the original pressing for 2 main reasons 1. musicaly original is untouched (in many cases remasters just sucks or repressing is not on level it should to be, some of modern "audiophile" vinyls sounds more like cd...but cant deny some of new remasters are very good) 2. value if you can find preserved copy
I would reccomend Japanese virgin vinyl pressings also, not expensive and quality is excelent in most cases. Go to quality over quantity make yourself a list of albums you want and you will listen OFTEN and be happy...dont waste your money on large collections of vinyl you will never listen to no matter how cheap they best pressing available.
Kind regards
I payed $15-$20 recently for certain hard to find Moody Blues member solo albums used and in excellent condition.

I have a lot of albums and still but many used but only for the right price. Older, hard to find and out of print titles still in good condition warrant spending more if you must have them.

Back in the day before digital when I bought a lot of albums, I do not recall ever much spending more than typical prices of the day for records. I have a few Mobile Fidelity titles in excellent condition that sold for a premium, but bought them used.
$90. My wife was not pleased...
$100 for Miles Davis "Pangea ", but it was a double album Honey, so only $50 dollars a record. A steal!
Roger Waters, Amused to Death, $350, Crazy money for an album :-)

Good listening

Just paid $75 for Analogue Productions Elvis 24 karat hits. It's 3 discs of 45 rpm 200g vinyl. Had doubts when I put the order in but no doubts now. The sound is spectacular.
Pbnaudio you snob :)
I have a few of the new releases that cost me $35 each from the usual sellers to audiophiles.

I have SOLD, however, the Pink Floyd boxed set called, The First IX (or was it XI?) to a buyer on ebay several years ago for ~ $950.
Raindog, :-) At the time i bought it - actually won it on a auction here on Audiogon, most other copies offered for sale was about $900 so at the time it was a good deal. However, Acoustic Sounds are re-releasing it, out in Oct/Nov this year, its sure to be excellent, already have one on preorder for $ 50 :-))).

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