Most expencive stereo ever

Just curious, has anyone ever sought out all the most expencive gear on the planet and gotten a price tag on what a system would cost?

Lets say it has to do 7.1 HT duty as well as 2 channel and vinyl, just to keep the total price astronomically high. I think it would be kinda fun to see what kind of price tag can be possible for a stereo system.

Im pretty sure the amps would be the Wavac Monoblocks for $350,000 a pair.

I know speakers can get up to a couple hundred thousand a pair, but im not sure which brands hold the Uber-high price gear. Ive seen cables for 10k, turntables for close to 100k.

So, what are the most expencive of the Uber-priced?

I dont think there are any amps more than 350k, so how about CD transport, DVD transport, DACS, PRE, Cabling, Projector, Screen, Turntable, Stands, tweaks, etc etc?

List the most expencive gear you have ever heard of that is still in production or avaiable to be produced.

So far we have the amplification,
Wavac Monoblocks, 350,000 a pair,

Total Amplification = $1,225,000.00 (+ $80k sales tax)

Lets see how insane this can get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look at Lakefrontroad and Mikelavigne, not only equipment but rooms(or complete buildings) completely dedicated to stereos. Then there is the swedish dude with the kharma grand enigma- seeing as the speakers themselves cost a cool million that may put him "in the lead".
I know that Transparent Audio has the MM Opus speaker cables that cost $30k. I have heard them. Incredible.
kharma grand enigma $1,000,000.00
goldmund digital $65,000.00 ?for cables kharma's
6500.00 per meter 18,000 for speaker cables
or silversmith $$$
turntable rockport sirius3 73,000
other choices include acapella sphraeon? $300,000.00
preamp shindo top model 44 or 45,000
trl 140,000.00
burmiester digital 61,000.00
lets not forgot audio note
and kondo audionote
I once priced an all radio shack system that was way up there with the best of them. I think it was $999.99 or something that included a rack for all of the components. I bought during the annual christmas sale so I get it for a steal. The salesman said it was state of the art and I believe him! I think Stereophile reviewed the system also. Anyway the bass went boom, boom, boom and the tweeter had a lot of music coming from it and so did the 4" mid range driver. The speakers were beautiful wood veneer that matched my living room wall paper. I used to keep my goldfish bowl on top of one of the speakers as that tweak really improved the sound. I had a 10 pound weight on the other to even things out some. My girl friend at the time really dug the system too. Man she was a beaut, the system as well as the girl. I think the tuner could even get AM stations and that was such a important issue for me, gotta have my talk radio, I hate only listening to music stations with so many commercials. I think it had a turntable too with a realistic phono cartridge. Man did the vinyl on that system sound so real, better then digital CDs. I think the system even came with one of those dual tape decks so that I could copy music and duplicate the cassettes and sell them on Ebay for a profit thereby I could pay for the system with the profits in about one year. All of the people who heard the system told me it was the best they ever heard and after a keg, it sounded even better. The imaging was great right before you'd pass out and lay on the floor in front of those big boxy speakers, I always took the grill cloths off when doing serious listening and stuck my head right between them at full volume. Man could those babies play real loud. Yeah it sure was a beautiful thing, but I had to recently downsize the system to a Bose wave radio because I needed the money but when I get it back together, I am going to get on Ebay and buy me that system back.

Happy Listening.
Uhh, there are some top-a-the-line Kharma speakys that'll set ya back close to a million or so, how's that for just one component ?
They'd probably sound great with some Tube Research Labs dual-mono amplification and a custom built Pluto Turntable up front.
Cables, well I'm sure there's some gold-filled and terminated ones available for say around 10K per meter.
Screw this, I'm going to Ebay with Bigkidz !!
We did design a room with the Kharma speakers mentioned above. It was a 5.1 system with 2 Kharma subs. It hasn't been completed yet. It is in Egypt. I don't recall the amplification used, but I do remember it was appropriate for the speakers.
expensive not expenCive!
Don't forget that those Kharma speakers have something like 96 drivers per speaker. I'm sure you need multiple amps and that means multiple speaker cords/power cords.
Hilarious thread I found about these speakers
Once you own speakers like this, what is next? You can only downgrade from here. That takes most of the fun out of this hobby. So what is the point owning it?
Allright, so, The Kharma Enigma Grand Reference it is!!!

Kharma Enigma (7 speakers) 3,500,000
Wavac 350ks (better bi-amp) 2,500,000

There is a cool 6 Million so far, and it cant even play anything!
Slappy, wanna go to Egypt ?
We could maybe help setup the rest of that Kharma 5.1 system with the two subs mentioned by Rives.
At least we might get to hear them *before* we're asked to stand outside in front of *the wall*
Ultraviolet, you found that thread I couldn't find !
Lets pack-r-up! Im Driving!
Years ago I've heard about a pre-amp, built by Dynaudio, it was battery powered and cost about
350000Deutsch Marks (at the time ca 200k$)
which everybody who heard it claimed to be the best.
Only made 2: one for themselves and one went to a german hifi mag as their reference system and test rig
as it allowed for absolute levelling (every tested piece plays at exactly the same volume).
Suppose for 7.1 you'd need three of 'em, thats 600k
for the pre-amp!
How about Fabios system? I know its expensive.