most euphonic DACs?

Could people please share their experiences about which DACs are the *most* euphonic, liquid, lush, smooth and warm?

To begin, would any of the following qualify?

Aqua Acoustic Quality La Scala
Accustic Arts Tube DAC II Mk2
Audio Horizons TD 3.1 Sv
Line Magnetic 502CA
Audio Note Kit L4.1
Pathos InTransfer
Synthesis Matrix
Lab12 DAC1 SE
VAC Phi Alpha
Tron Seven
My experience led me to an NOS AD1865 based Dac fronted by a CEC belt drive transport, sounds everything you describe above, but not really euphonic.

I can probably get more of a euphonic flavor with tube swapping in my 6SN7 preamp, but I'm completely happy the way it is.
FORSELL air reference dac (n tube,but lush ???), CAL alpha ad JADIS JS1 come to mind
Good one.

Don't know any of the DAC's you mention but I have heard quite a few DAC's in my time and the most euphonic by a long way to my ears is a Killer DAC. It not what you would call coloured but has this full rich sound that is very addictive.

Mhdt Havana, Havana Balanced or Stockholm v2 DACs. These are all Non-OS DACs with tube buffer outputs. Highly tunable via tubes, capacitors & ability to use either the stock PCM56P or the AD1865 chipsets. They can be voiced to sound euphonic but it's more a matter of sounding authentic, musically-convincing, having rich tone and being non-fatiguing to listen to.