Most emotionally involving cables?

I'm auditioning various cables and recently heard the Audio Magic Excalibur II Interconnects and Speaker Cables. Detail, air, quiet, but what struck me most of all was how I immediately fell into the music. Now this isn't the most expensive cable, or the only one that can do this, I'm sure. I'd like to know what other cables have really pushed people into the music, whatever they're made out of.
I like ribbon cables like Nordost and Electra Glide. They make things sound really sweet.
I don't believe that cables are emotionally involving. Matched with the right system, they get out of the way and allow the better qualities of the components to come through. To fine tune a system? Possibly. To make any statement of their own. Never. Granted, some are warmer, some more dynamic, but thoses qualities are only beneficial in a system that needs those qualities, and only to a certain extent. Sorry if I am missing the point of your question, but I think the entire premise misses the point.
Maybe a more logical question would be: "What cables have you had the most sucess with?" or even "What are your favorite cables?".
MIT (but not for the sound)
John 1. Not for the sound? Do you use them to tie someone up? I love my new Concentra, it's gorgeous, but I don't take it to dinner.
Blbloom your last response was great--I loved it!

John 1, why do like the MIT's so much if it isn't for the sound?

I agree with Blbloom, once you get a quality cable in the system, the changes should be more or less fine tuning. If you are changing from a $100 pair of interconnects to a $1000 a pair interconnects, the more "emotion" you are experiencing is the interconnect doing a better job of getting out of the way and letting the music through.

Kevint, maybe you are just getting a really good set of cables for the money and hearing the rest of the system the way it is supposed to sound.
After going thru lots of cables, the best I have ever come across that will make music like music is the Audio Note Silver interconnects and their speaker cables (AN-Vz and AN-SPx) respectively.

If the only thing you care for is the music and only the music, these cables are the last you'll ever need. If you're looking for a cable which looks good, trust me, these are not for you. They look DAMN UGLY!
Don't get involved with your cables. They'll only hurt you when you upgrade components. Then you'll be forced to separate, and lets face it, the components are more important. Sell the old, audition, buy silver, break the bank. Repeat as necessary.
I dont know if I paid 30,000 for NBS cables I think I would develop some emotional involvment with them, but then again I am an audioholic.
Argent, Most people use their cables as band aids to tune their systems tonal balance. That's no good as you will be constantly changing cables for the rest of your life after you change a component.

Well, you paid so much for your new component. You should want to hear what it does....not what it does not do and make cable changes to make it sound like you want it to.

My question is...why change components then???? The principle is to get a cable which has the least colorations so that it does not get in the way of the music. I know it does not exist yet but as I said the Audio Note cables do not really have much colorations. Thanks.
The reason the MIT's are so "emotionally involving" may have something to do with their cost. When you spend that much on cables, sound be damned, there is a certain degree of emotional connection. Things that make you and others (if they knew) question your sanity, a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I feel lucky, I got mine at a great price (still insane) and am happy in the fact that if a "giant killer" comes along at a fraction of the cost or even more for that matter, I can sell the MIT's without losing my tail. And that is always a stabling feeling in this hobby. Blbloom I concur.
I say MIT is most emotionally involving because I see more heated arguments on it than any other cable.
The most involving to me are the nordost valhalla/quattrofils because of their clarity and lack of grain. Lots of good cables out there.
The cable thing goes on - I changed everything to Alpha Core Micro Purl interconnects and speaker cable several months ago and really just to say that it might balance the sound and bring it to me. Did it - I tell myself yes because I listen to the music more - less to the system and know I have quality cables bringing it to me all in the same nature whatever that means. It is a great feeling.
John 1, one of the problems with the net is when you are making a subtle joke, no one gets it. I got it, by the way. Those members of "the cable of the month club" always get really emotional about their new find too. I usually hate my cables. I resent how they get in the way both physically and sonically. I guess what Kevint is looking for is a cable that gets out of the way of the music - me too.
To clarify: What I mean to say, is that I do not find cables to be emotionally involving. I find music to be emotionally involving. Some people like equipment, some people like music, some people like both. I like both, but I try to upgrade my system so that it sounds like a live performance. Expensive cables provide the least signal degredation. Audition them all. Buy the one that makes the music sound live. When you upgrade the components, you might be changing cables as well.
Interesting series of responses. So what did I mean? Assuming you are happy with the equipment you bought, there are cables that once inserted into the system change what you hear in such a way that... you melt into the music. Some want to call it clarity, others want to say the equipment gets out of the way of the music, but I'm looking for demonstratable proof. Like the guy turns his system on, sits down to read a book and forgets about the book because the cables have finally broken-in and he gets all caught up hearing music he loves.... emotionally involving.
Red, John1 that's called finesse!!!!!nice one...
I do have MIT (T´2) cables and have been following some (heated sometimes) threads involving them . In my case, I have really taken my time on learning (still do) on system setup and have kept constant. Still much to learn.....
check out the 47Labs stratos OTA cable kit.A kit will do 3 pairs of IC's and has a total of 50 metres of cable for US$600.I've not heard a faster, more open, artriculate or transparent cable at any price.Music played thru them have a life and vibrancy that is superbly captivating and fresh.Makes great string trimmer line for your weedwhacker if you don't like it[get this-its a single strand OFC solid core approx 26ga.(0.4mm/2.5 mm outer sheath dia.)-incredibly deep, powerful, tuneful bass too].It has forced me to rethink what some of the more exotic cable constructions actually do.
My emotional well being is boosted by the fact that I have a cable that let's more of the music through and the price did not make me cry. For this, the Harmonic Technology Pro Silway interconnects and the same Pro 11n speaker cable have been satisfying. ( especially purchased used ) I also am fulfilled by the Sonic Horizon Skyline AC power cords which offer a lot for the money right from the manufacture. ( Your mileage may vary )
I guess that this mix is synergistic to my rig which make me happy. No, it makes me shine a fine blue glow from within as I float along the notes that stream out of my speakers, lifting me beyond the illusion that it is only my stereo and not the real experience. Okay, I am back. Good Day!
the European 47 Labs distributor (in Bosnia) wants me to audition their cables alongside the 47 Labs PhonoCube. He called them a "an innovative and affordable" cable solution--I think. I just upgraded to NBS Statements and will have a hard time (both mechanically and emotionally) pulling them off the components for these tiny wires. But I am curious about 47 Labs products (very nice people, and THEY KNOW THEIR STUFF).... Sure, I get emotional about the NBSs (just today the cleaning lady accidentally bumped into the speaker cables with the vacuum cleaner to my horror), and there clearly is a fetish factor, and an insanity about buying them. But I would be extremely surprised if anything beat them in my SET system (VAIC reference monos with cryogenized tubes and customized electronics). In fact, I bought the NBSs so that I could worry about other things (like finding a superb BH7A tube, or an ultra high res phono preamp) rather than cables.
Thanks Ken. I will try them and report back.
The interconnects that I find most involving are Magnan Vi. I first fell in love with them about 8 years ago, I've tried some different cables in the mean time, but I keep going back to the Magnans. All the detail yet non fatigueing. A very rare combination.