Most economical way to ship large speakers?

Good day folks,

I'm trying to figure out the most reliable and economical way to ship 2 large speakers w/i the lower 48 states. What's your favorite beside the big two UPS & FedEX?

USPS is out of the question and delivery speed is not important, as long as they get there in good shape. 

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You could also look at Greyhound freight or an independent shipper from some place like UShip. 

Reminds me of the quote by Trek Bicycle's Keith Bontrager - "strong, light, cheap, pick two" 

"Reliable and economical" are somewhat at odds with each other.  Any of the shippers are ok - until something goes wrong, then economical goes out the window.  If they are truly large (implied heavy) speakers, and especially if they are expensive, I would only ship them by strapping them to a pallet, or pallets, and using a reliable freight carrier.  FedEx has a freight division that I have used for large amplifiers (Lamm) that were strapped to pallets.  If for some reason you don't want to do that or it is too expensive, then at least double box with at least a couple of inches of polystyrene foam between the manufacturer's box and the outer box, if possible.

Dealers seem to pay way less than whatever I find on multiple sites.  I have heard Parcel Monkey but not used personally.  If you are buying new from a dealer I would ask to purchase a shipping label from them.

When I shipped two big subs from Maryland to BC Canada, the buyer purchased the shipping and emailed me the label from FedEX and they picked them up from my garage!  

I used Uship to deliver my Vandy 3a sigs. It was easy to set up and the delivery went smoothly.