Most “disappeared” speakers.

No, you are not. You don’t come take my speakers away. Lol
Which speakers have craziest soundstaging and most disappeared image costing around $3-6k used or new, bookshelf or floorstanding.
(Need pointers, Not asking how to set them up 101.)

shkong78 wrote:

You can try out Magnepan LRS with generous 60 days return policy.

Planar speakers are known for disappearing act.

Boy, did I learn that when I brought home a pair of Magneplanar 1.7s in Nov. 2013. 5-1/2 years later they are more stunning than ever. I recently put on Holly Cole’s “Temptation” LP and the resolution, dynamics, and imaging were all stunningly mesmerizing. I have some Acoustic Sounds remaster/reissues that put the artists (e.g., Nat Cole, Diana Krall Trio, Count Basie, Frank Sinatra with Basie or Nelson Riddle, etc.—take your pick) right in the room.

The Maggie 1.7s combine nearly massless dipole diaphragms with 924 sq. in.  (per pair) vibrating surfaces. These are vibrating surfaces that approximate the areas of piano soundboards and the spruce tops of celli and bass viols, all with radiating patterns that approach those of the instruments themselves.

@johnnyb53, have you heard the new MG30.7? Oh, baby! How 'bout the old Tympani T-IVa?
I heard the MG30.7 at my local high end store's "Music Matters open house in March 2018. Pretty dang awesome. I never heard any Tympanis. I had a co-worker who had a pair, but I never made it over to his trailer. That's right, he had a pair of Maggie Tympani IVs and lived in a trailer park.