most dependable wood ish plinth vintage manual TT

Hi everyone,

I might be looking into a second table for the following reasons:

- having a backup
- something to bring over to friends places that do not have a turntable so it will have to travel well (durable, tonearm lock, removable headshell, dustcover)
- would be fun to have a vintage look with wood(ish) plinth and metal and feel but still dependable and replacement parts available
- something that will not break the bank and work well with an inexpensive Ortofon Red or similar MM

I was thinking of something like a Kenwood KD-3077 or a Realistic Labs 400. Can I do better around the less than $100 price range?
Some of the Dual turntables will do well- 1219 or 1264 ( I mention those because I've owned them and they transport well). If you watch your local craigs list you might find a Pioneer Pl-71, Pl-44, or PL 112d for less than 100 ( I have in the past year). Also dont overlook the JVC QL-A5 or QL-A7, lesser known models that don't often command the same cash as the collectible Pioneer/Marantz etc.