Most compatible speaker/interconnect and power cables with ARC ref system?

Hi guys

Some advice please. I have just joined Audiogon and would really appreciate some advice. I have 2 audio research Ref 250 amps, Ref 10 pre-amp, ref 9 CD player, Naim music server and a Cary 500 music streamer and transparent power conditioner. My speakers are sonus faber Ellipsa SE's which were developed using this ARC ref system. I would very much like to get the most out of the system, as I love the warmth of the valves and the transparency of the sound. Anyone have a similar setup or just have advice on most compatible speaker cables and interconnects, and which interconnects are the most critical? Does the power cable make such a big difference to warrant the high price of some of them? Some articles seem to rubbish expensive power cables and say it makes the least difference of all.

I would suggest that you contact ARC and get their opinion.
I believe I recall that they use Shunyata products at their shows.

As for cable/cord believers and non-believers, well, you'll just have to find out for yourself.
You have some nice gear that's for sure. Agree, talk with ARC. I would suggest take your time, and try to demo as much as you can in your own home. Many cable companies will send you their cables to try at home if no local dealer; they'll want a credit card but will let you return if you don't like. Cable Company is a good source as well. Alex of WyWires is a very honest person to work with and he'll work with you directly if no local dealer. You're likely going to make a pretty big investment so try out as many manufacturers as you can. All cables are some sort of a tone control, so you have to find what you prefer, which might not be what any of us or the folks at ARC prefer. Have fun.

ARC use Sain Line Systems Cables to voice their components.   Contact Chris for cable to demo in your system.   He offers a 30 days home trial.

Many ARC owners use Shunyata PCs.  I was using them on my ARC Ref250SE.  It sounds very good but sold them and will look for something different when amp rotates back in system for the winter.   Sain Line is on my short list of cables to demo.

BTW, everything makes a difference.  Please replaced the stock fuses with Synergistic Black in all your ARC components and you can thank me later.    Do one component at a time and will be amazed on the improvements.  One of the best ROI in audio.    GL!
Agree completely on the SR Black fuses. Don't even mess with the Reds; go straight to the Blacks.
I would suggest discussing ARC cables and power cords with Audiogoner oregonpapa. He uses ARC and is a true expert with ARC cabling.

I also suggest replacing the stock fuses and the A/C wall outlet used with Synergistic Research Black fuses and their Black outlet. Both are sold with a 30 day return policy. Give your wonderful system the foundation it deserves to fully shine.

David Pritchard
Nice system.  It deserves the best you can afford in the cabling department. 

I agree ... call ARC and find out what Warren uses in the listening evaluation room. 

In the meantime, call Ray at Von Gaylord Audio and talk to him about his cables. They're not cheap, but not the most expensive by any means. Ray's cables let the music flow with a natural, organic beauty.

Also ditto on the Synergistic Research Black fuses. AND ... you don't want to pass up trying their cables either. Their Level 3 PC's are truly a great product.

I've seen Shunyata, Sainline and Transparent at different times in the ARC listening rooms. Of course, that does not mean that others might not be better. I've tried Shunyata and Sainline cables and both are excellent with ARC. Service at both companies is outstanding. Of course, at Sainline--you deal directly with Chris Sain. I have not experimented with Transparent.
Thanks to all for the valuable advice - I will certainly replace the stock fuses. Is it best to choose one manufacturer for pc, interconnects and speaker cable (the whole is better than the sum of its parts type of argument) or should each component be tested one at a time and each one be judged on its merit?. Any further advise or any special deals you know of or could recommend for my system would be much appreciated!

To ME, it sounds like you don't really know what you want.  Here's a recommendation.....Call Paul at Clear Day cables.   He will send you his cables for of charge.  When listening you will have a base line of reference, for any other cables you might want to try.  ...I have had success with Audioquest, Kimber, and Wireworld.....  Remember all cables bring something different to your system.  The goal is to make you smile.  Re: Power cords.   In my estimation, power cords are the most important cable in my system.  I strongly suggest you make your own.....Get top of the line Furutech, or Oyeida IEC and wall plugs, and in 10 minutes you will have power cords as good (probably better) than any commercial cord.  Touch base with VH Audio for the parts and for his recommendation..good guidance.
Is it best to choose one manufacturer for pc, interconnects and speaker cable (the whole is better than the sum of its parts type of argument) or should each component be tested one at a time and each one be judged on its merit?

This is a common question, which will always provide controversy. Ultimately, you pay your money, so you will have to answer this question for yourself.

I know some folks who have had success running all the same brand of cables/cords. That has never worked for me though, and I have tried a LOT of cables cords.
For me it seems that the more I get of one brand, the more I become aware of the flaws of that particular cable line.
I have had better success balancing the sound to my tastes by mixing and matching.

Good luck.
Thanks again for all the advice - unfortunately as I am from South Africa I have very limited access to the variety of components that you all do, and that is why it's so great to chat to you guys, 'cos you give excellent advice based on real experience. I will just do lots of reading of the forum, and if anyone has a good experience with a component, I would love to hear about it. I am going to have to go with your suggestions, and then buy online from either audiogon or the agents. Is it safe to buy second hand pc's, interconnects and speaker cables from audiogon's site, and is it to be recommended to buy these second hand?


I have heard your gear w/ an all out musical assault of Transparent XL and Transparent OPUS cable system. You will not be disappointed.

Happy Listening!

Shunyata would be my choice would look at power cables and their line conditioners, amazing stuff.

I also have Sonus Faber Elipsa SE speakers. I am driving them with an Audio Research Ref 110 amp and Ref 5se preamp. So I have a vague idea of what your system sounds like.

I use  Shunyata  cables in my system. I have also tried Sain cables in my system and they were VERY good.  Both Sain cables and  Shunyata are excellent matches. I have seen ARC demo equipment with both. ARC uses Shunyata wire internally for all their reference series components. I don't think you could go wrong with either brand.