most clear, crisp sound power amps, monoblocks ?

what power amps, pre-amps, monoblocks and speakers has the most clear, crisp sound as if you were to it LIVE? which amps, speakers have the best bang for your buck?
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Lots of live stuff is not crisp.
Rock Concerts are not live, they are electronic.
This is your first post and this is what you come up with.

a very vague question that encompasses thousands of possible answers. Not to mention you left out about a dozen important qualifiers that anyone with any knowledge of audio would need to make a credible recommendation!

Try again Amigo!

There's a lot of learned people on this forum who are willing to help but your criteria is seems too vague to permit them to render much assistance. Since you must have something in mind and I assume will know it when you hear it, I'd suggest that you visit several audio stores and audition some systems.

Good luck with your search.
Hey, can we be a little nicer, AG members? Everyone doesn't necessarily have the same background or speak in the same lingo, but that's not a reason to be snarky.

Narcisco, To answer your question politely, everyone will have a different idea of what live music sounds like to them. Therefore, you must try out different types so that you find what sounds live to you. That said, there are many brands that are reputable and of good value, but this is also a hobby in which you can be ripped off if you are new to it. If something sounds good to you and you can afford it, that's the key.
Once you try an OTL amp there's no going back, tubes actually connected directly to the speakers. The cleanest sound I've ever heard! One thing to be aware of with an OTL amp you MUST be aware of the impedance of the speakers and match them accordingly. This is more important than other amp/speaker matching IMO.... not to say this doesn't make a difference with other amps and matching to the correct impedance, it's just more critical with an OTL design.

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I think it is a very clear and direct question, "What is best". I recall a famous quote in answering that question, " TO CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES, SEE THEM DRIVEN BEFORE YOU AND TO HEAR THE LAMENTATION OF THIER WOMEN". I think that was either Conan the Barbarian or Michael Fremer. I forget which.
The Klipsh speaker brand makes some crisp sounding models. They have horns for tweeters which can be more forward sounding that way. Speakers have the largest influence on the sound by far, but generally speaking tube amps would be warmer and perhaps not to your liking. Another speaker brand would be Paradigm.

Narcisco that's the thing. It's hard to know what you consider live or crisp vs just plain irritating. It sounds lke you may be newer to the hobby, in which case you would be more than happy with Emotiva electronics. They make good entry level stuff that doesn't cost as much, good bang for buck there. You would be happy with their speakers as well, come to think of it. Maybe phone them directly, they can steer you right.
Live sound is only relevant as a reference if unamplified...otherwise get a PA system and sit 100 feet from it. My current hifi system sounds great to me, but that's likely due to ear damage and personal taste developed from spending over 4 decades as a musician and live sound mixer, which I still do and from which I shall never recover.
When I think specifically of crisp and clear and not necessarily other "good" qualities of speakers and amps, I think of good electrostatics. The most capable I have heard for the cost is Sanders Sound. That's just my opinion.
stats, stats and only stats.
Sksos1-I would agree with you, provided the OTL saw the speaker and not the crossover.
You want LIVE music, very easy. Buy or keep all your cables with the same manufacture. Don't ever mix your audio system with different brands or generation. Your amp watt ratio must be at least 1.6 more the speaker max rating. If you buy the speaker rated 50 to 350 watts. your amp must be 500 watts or more. High end sound does not have to be high price. Just don't mix them up. Set your budget and start shop for new brand that you can afford.
Narciso, whenever vague questions appear, they are meaningless without revealing your budget. Let us know what your budgetary range is and you'll get specific answers. Your question is too broad and vague without knowing your budget.
Compared to what, at what price, with what speakers?
Pass Xs 300's should fit the bill,but you should pair it up with the Pass Xs Preamp to get the full benefit!
It depends how much money you can spend. But money does not garantee you a good live sound. In almost 16 years of time I also encouterd many highend sets with a poor endresult.

The combination of the right tools togheter ( sources, speakers, amp, pre amp, cables, conditioner etc) can create a live and realistic sound.

Acoustics of a room are the biggest enemy of a set.

When you have a system with a bigger freq. response, you can create a more live like sound. It is all about making the perfect combination of tools. I call it the art of sound.

I wrote a personal view in how I see a blueprint of the absolute sound. I call it Total sound.

In my personal opinion Pass Labs also make the most complete sounding poweramps.
sony walkman cassete players with avls playing recorded metal tapes or chrome type II tapes :D it is no joke:)p
The range of answers here is awe-inspiring. Condescension to curmudgeon; elitist to judgmental. And even a few well-meaning answers thrown in. Bojack had it right - lighten up, audiogoners. This is a hobby forum, not a philosophical statement of identity.

Seriously, if the OP were my first post, these answers would only serve to edify the misconception of hi-end audio as the domain of the self-absorbed and out-of-touch.

Having said that, I do agree that the question is much too vague to give any legitimate empirical answer. But Mitch4t and a few others already suggested a good way of saying it without reverting to trolldom.
When I come across a vague question and I think I can help, I do. If not, I move usually just move on.
The "live sound" reference idea is lame, meaningless, and should be abandoned. Maybe replace it with "well recorded" or "sounds good to me."
See what happens when you ask a simple question on this site Narciso? It's typical so don't feel too bad! I like Output Transformer Less (OTL) amplifiers matched with the proper speaker. If you are not familiar with these and you are new at this I'm not too sure you would want to start there, something simpler perhaps. The bottom line is you might want to supply a bit more information in your listening tastes and preferences, room size etc. If you are new to this it is imperative that you go out and listen to some systems to get a better idea of what might float your boat. No one here is going to satisfactorily answer your question, you picked the wrong place. You are most likely going to get overwhelmed with the variety of responses. Listening is the best way. Unfortunately there are few shortcuts unless you just want to put together a simple system that is musically satisfying. This is where a reputable dealer can help. Have you seeked one out to help you? Probably a good idea to do that first.
Most would agree that the better gear is the more natural or neutral they sound. I have found that as gear improves, even though there are differences, the best sounds more alike than different.
I wonder how many of the bozos here have read the first response. Could there possibly be any insight you could glean from it? You know, like if you tried really really hard.
Money is no garantee to succes in audio. It never will be. In the world of Highend Audio there is still a lot of shit on the market!!
No, but it's an indication. Best bang for buck is to go vintage. What cost a lot then doesn't any more.
Last year I was at a vantage show. It was by far the worst audio show I ever visited. Most of all the vintage was sooooo f.... poor. Expensive and even poor for a lot of money.
04-13-14: Csontos
I wonder how many of the bozos here have read the first response. Could there possibly be any insight you could glean from it? You know, like if you tried really really hard.
And how many "bozos" have noticed that the OP has not weighed in on his own thread since he started it eleven days ago?
Well said Bojack, Is it any wonder this hobby has a reputation of stuffed shirts and A-holes. Unfortunately you don't have to read to far into these forums to find comments like that.
Some of us just sniffed it out as a troll a lot sooner than others and thought we would pass the time with our witty retorts for our own amusement :>)
What, You're waiting in the bushes, are you? You must think you're joining the group. I take it the op is a troll too, right? I'm not aware of this hobby having a reputation for the likes of you but you do rear your ugly heads from time to time.