Most Beautiful Receiver / Integrated - Ever was... ?

Time for what I hope is another fun thread. Please include links if you can.

I'm curious to everyone what you think the hottest/sexiest most interesting integrated or receiver ever was. For me, brands like these would probably be in the running:

  • Carver
  • Kyocera
  • Tandberg
  • Revox (old)

It didn't have to work, or sound good. Just had to do it for you in the looks department.
My dad had a Mac 1900 in the early 70's hooked up to Klipsch Cornwalls. Man that system could rock. Probably what got me interested in audio ha ha
I admire the minimalistic look of NAIM, especially the Supernait integrated amp looks great and sounds amazing:
I personally love the Sansui 9090DB, to me it just looks perfect and seems to everything just right. 
The fit and finish is first rate..timeless. 

I of course also love the Pioneer SX1250.

 As for integrated, the McIntosh MA6100 is just about perfect.