most beautiful (looking) speakers

yes no


The minataur looks interesting, doubt I could afford them. Other artful designs also. Might have to buy 7 more amplifiers.

Whoa, those Minataurs look like something from the Chronicles of Riddick.


I forgot to add to my list before #3 the Blades, Vienna Acoustics Schonberg’s and the Dali Fazon F5’s.

Hello All,

The JBL Paragon was the king in the 1960s. It had many sound "issues", but was damn impressive to behold.


Another one here for Daedalus Audio.  One reason I have a pair of their Apollo 11 on order (due to ship in about 6 to 8 weeks) is how stunningly beautiful they are.  The other reason is how stunningly beautiful they sound.  As bespoke build, my choice of cabinet wood and woods for the inlays, my set will be unique to me.  And again, the sound quality is just incredible.  And a very easy load for tube amplifiers, a nice bonus.

For production speakers on the market, I find that Sonus Faber are gorgeous and can fit into nearly any decor/home.  And they sound wonderful, too.