Most annoying Stereo magazine claim

The new thread "What's the most trustworthy stereo magazine" got me to thinking. One of the things that inhibits their credibility, and makes them pretty annoying, is when the reviewers become effusive about a product (as if it were the second coming of Christ), going on and on about a product and using canned flattery like, "it removed another veil from the sound stage." This claim and "it made me want to just listen to the music and play all my CD's again," are the most annoying to me. What about you?
Sometimes you want to send them a Roget's Thesuarus and other times you just have to ask yourself,.....Why am I reading this idiotic babble again??
Question is: who is more of an idiot, me for reading their drivel or them for "writing" ( I use the word loosely ) it?
And then, just when I think I am finally going to cancel every subscription, someone writes a piece that actually makes a smidgeon of sense, and I'm hooked again for another year. Damn!
A review that comes to mind for me is last years review in TAS on the Marsh 400 amp. It states that the Marsh is as good as the best solid state amps out there. I am not saying it is not a good amp, maybe even great, at it's price point, but PLEASE! I also want to state that I have heard it, and it does not come close to others I have owned, Plinius, Classe, Sim and Rowland.

Ditto for the review on the Monster HTS 2000.
Recall when Wes Phillips went nuts over Transparent Wire, and said the terminations were good sounding. What, he unsoldered them and tried them independently?!

Try equipment yourself, these guys know nothing.
How about, "Advertising doesn't influence our choice of review products or what the review says," in the Editorial section and then turning to a review of a product by Company X with an ad for Company X's products on the opposite page from the review.
KThomas--Love those layouts! Also, let us remember the "accommodation" pricing givien to reviewers from manufacturers. You'd be ga-ga too over a 1K Pass or Sim that we get to pay 4K for. Perhaps a little extreme but those pundits make out like bandits. You think J10 Scull earns his money? I wouldn't pay him if he scrubbed my floors!