most annoying neighbor?

Just wondering if this topic has ever sprung up on the Gon. I have next door to me, most likley the most annoying neighbor I have ever been accustomed to. Almost all day at low volumes "Thank God" he plays some kind of tom tom music almost ritual in nature even at 5:30am. At the moment as I am typing I can hear, it very faint but it is there like dripping water from a faucet. I have yet to hear anything else from him in terms of identifiable music such as we know just the same over and over and over. I was wondering any fellow Goners ever have the displeasure LOL?
It seems that this is a problem all over and I think Elizabeth has the best solution, move into a 55 and older building or community if your age permits. I had problems with mostly the young they seem not to get it after a certain time QUITE.
Schipo - I'm ten years away. What to do? ;)

Anyway, had some out-of-place teens blasting rap everyday while playing basketball with my hoop across the street. Now, you have to realise, this is Somerset County, NJ. The whitest, Republican conservatives outside of the Belt. (I'm a middle ground Dem). I asked nicely a few days. Nothing. So I walked across the street, lifted the massive boombox, and hurled it to the ground. So wonderful to see the pieces. The one threaten to tell his Dad - So I went there with him! His drunk, white trash Dad beat the shit out of him! The other Asian Indian kid (across the street) told his Dad and, I quote, his father said to him, "Can't you see he's (me) a crazy man. Leave him alone."

My "craziness" has worked well for me through the years. Right now, my two neighbors don't get along. (I live on a corner so a) one neighbor on side, b) the other behind). My side neighbor is a hot shot State lawyer. He and his wife can be very pushy. That's why they're fueding with my behind neighbors. (Boy, that sounds bad - my behind neighbors)! But they've never messed with me since I made it clear that I love being on the offensive when it comes to a-holes. The mayor, who lives across the street, told me that the lawyer fears I'd burn his house down if he pisses me off!

p.s. I already "get help" on a weekly basis so you don't need to suggest it.

Have fun!
Elizabeth, you said:
Remind them that people have died over this issue. And you are buying a gun...
I assume that you were joking! A word to the wise..DON'T ACTUALLY DO THIS!!! In many states, this could be construed as a "death threat", which could result in a felony charge, depending upon state law.

Now, if you just shoot the bastard, and dig a hole in the desert.....(-:
Living In a big military area I think I am wise by not getting up the nose of any neighbor with my out of the 70's non rock stuff played daily. Its amazing what a cd (or two) of old school rock can do as a gift of peace.
A neighbor across the street on the other end of the block where I live has at least two loud parties every summer although this year they had 4 parties -- 3 of which apparently were connected to a (hindu) wedding. The bass is usually so loud that it makes anything in my home that is not nailed down vibrate. Also, on the eve of Labor Day this year they just started playing loud music at 2:30AM. Its like they don't give a s*%t about their fellow neighbors. My next door neighbor ended up going across and talking them, after which the volume dropped to almost being inaudible.