most annoying neighbor?

Just wondering if this topic has ever sprung up on the Gon. I have next door to me, most likley the most annoying neighbor I have ever been accustomed to. Almost all day at low volumes "Thank God" he plays some kind of tom tom music almost ritual in nature even at 5:30am. At the moment as I am typing I can hear, it very faint but it is there like dripping water from a faucet. I have yet to hear anything else from him in terms of identifiable music such as we know just the same over and over and over. I was wondering any fellow Goners ever have the displeasure LOL?
My across the back-yard neighbors play show tunes outdoors at high volume in the summer!!!
i have found if you ask the person in question to lower the "bass" please and NOT comment on the sound level you end up getting both, just smile and be tactful!
Good luck!
My old neighbors were priceless.
Off to work at 3:30 AM - Turn car on, drive it up to my bedroom window, let idle, get out for coffee and leave 20 minutes later.
He'd restore old tractors and let them idle. For hours. And hours. And hours, my whole house literally vibrating.
Made me hardly notice the poor dog left outside all year, barking through the night.
My across the back-yard neighbor yells at my girlfriend for playing jazz at low volume outside during the summer. Maybe its because she plays it on her boombox, even though it's during the day on a weekend. I should bring out my system at night and play her some Slayer, She may enjoy that better. LOL

Oh Yeahhhhhh...I've got a couple that lives across the street that feel they need to serenade the neighborhood with rap music every time they fire up their SUV. The entire back of his Explorer is occupied with a gigantic subwoofer cabinet, so when that suckers rockin', so is everyone within a hundred yards. Nothing I love so much as listening to classical music while the rhythmic thud of their music shakes the foundation.
its amazing how inconsiderate people can be. I can understand wanting to be a "Tony Soprano" for a day just to deal with such an idiot like this.
Could you go over there and POLITELY ask who the artist is, is it original, etc? Just be friendly and curious and make it clear that you can hear it ALL THE Time. They just might find you pleasant enough to realize that maybe it is too loud and that it might really bother you.
Worth a try.
Good luck.
Make copies of your favorite CD's and stick-em in his mailbox, he might change his "style"
I shared a townhouse in DC with a guy who was a "writer" who "worked" from 2am (after the bars closed) until 5:30 (just before I had to get up for work). We lived directly above him and while he was "working" he played what sounded like a continuous loop of some kind of "techo" music--a simple, repetitive, droning beat. Visits to his door in my PJ's elicited no appreciation for our situation. He simply repeated "I'm a writer and I'm working". Never did see his name in print....
Thank you for the suggestion. But the truth is I really don't hear that much it's very very faint. I am afraid to tell him that I hear or that I like the artist he might turn it up thinking I like it. I am going to let it ride for now because the volume is so low, but I just find it so unusual that a person can listen to this over and over and over.
I lived downstairs from a bartender in New York. He would get off at closing (4AM) come home and start partying with his other bar "friends". Turned his music to 11 and danced the morning away. Never finished until about 9 am. I finally gave up asking nicely and would leave my radio on turned to 12 as I went to work at 7:30. Eventually he got the point.
When I lived in my last apartment, a couple of extreme girth moved-in above. It was hard to concentrate on the music when they would tromp-n-stomp up the stairs and even worse when they would have sex(which I don't see how that was possible without some type of marital aid).
Years ago in college I went had a dorm neighbor who was mostly deaf but did have partial hearing (we shared a campus with an excellent school for the deaf, which was otherwise a very rewarding experience). My neighbor was a big fan of Hendrix and cranked it so loud the concrete walls between the rooms would vibrate. Lots of pounding on walls and doors and yelling matches would often ensue (I was not the only one bothered as it would pretty much resonate through the halls of the dorm). Totally ruined Hendrix for me to this day.

Actually.......anyone of us can fit the bill, "the annoying neighbor" who keeps playing the same cut over and over again, as we are auditioning, a/bing, or having that late night listen while the grid is running cool. Okay, now I know why I get dirty looks from my neighbors!

My experience is similar to Jacks2... Some deaf and near deaf girls moved into the then vacant home next door to me. I understand physical challenges all to well. I have more trouble with poor behavior however.

they all worked second shift and after working would crank up the subs as loud as they could get them. I've no problem with loud music usually, but at 2AM? Naturally on their days off party time seemed to keep similar hours. Additionally, the place they all worked at also hired many other hearing imparied folks... so they would routinely hold parties and continue well past midnight with thunderous booming subs shaking even the tables and seats in my home!

I asked numerous times for them to keep it to a quiet roar after midnight... all to no avail. Finally I had to call the police. Several times! They just didn't get the notion of neighborly consideration.

Ultimately they moved on... Peace and quiet again!

Until.... a bass player moved in two months ago! yeah... he plays it loud too... but not late at night, thank God.

The resolution?

Ear plugs.
Remind them that people have died over this issue. And you are buying a gun...
Thank goodness I have moved into an 'over 55' building and all the noise I can hear is my own. period.
And I play the same Cd over and over all the time. For my pets. When I am gone it is on. For YEARS the same CD... They like it, I even listen to it at times because I am too lazy to change it.
Michael Fremer was once concerned about being that annoying neighbor because he listens to music (obviously), but does so sometimes loudly. Go to this page and click on the bottom right part about Michael Fremer and Sound isolation in apartments.
It seems that this is a problem all over and I think Elizabeth has the best solution, move into a 55 and older building or community if your age permits. I had problems with mostly the young they seem not to get it after a certain time QUITE.
Schipo - I'm ten years away. What to do? ;)

Anyway, had some out-of-place teens blasting rap everyday while playing basketball with my hoop across the street. Now, you have to realise, this is Somerset County, NJ. The whitest, Republican conservatives outside of the Belt. (I'm a middle ground Dem). I asked nicely a few days. Nothing. So I walked across the street, lifted the massive boombox, and hurled it to the ground. So wonderful to see the pieces. The one threaten to tell his Dad - So I went there with him! His drunk, white trash Dad beat the shit out of him! The other Asian Indian kid (across the street) told his Dad and, I quote, his father said to him, "Can't you see he's (me) a crazy man. Leave him alone."

My "craziness" has worked well for me through the years. Right now, my two neighbors don't get along. (I live on a corner so a) one neighbor on side, b) the other behind). My side neighbor is a hot shot State lawyer. He and his wife can be very pushy. That's why they're fueding with my behind neighbors. (Boy, that sounds bad - my behind neighbors)! But they've never messed with me since I made it clear that I love being on the offensive when it comes to a-holes. The mayor, who lives across the street, told me that the lawyer fears I'd burn his house down if he pisses me off!

p.s. I already "get help" on a weekly basis so you don't need to suggest it.

Have fun!
Elizabeth, you said:
Remind them that people have died over this issue. And you are buying a gun...
I assume that you were joking! A word to the wise..DON'T ACTUALLY DO THIS!!! In many states, this could be construed as a "death threat", which could result in a felony charge, depending upon state law.

Now, if you just shoot the bastard, and dig a hole in the desert.....(-:
Living In a big military area I think I am wise by not getting up the nose of any neighbor with my out of the 70's non rock stuff played daily. Its amazing what a cd (or two) of old school rock can do as a gift of peace.
A neighbor across the street on the other end of the block where I live has at least two loud parties every summer although this year they had 4 parties -- 3 of which apparently were connected to a (hindu) wedding. The bass is usually so loud that it makes anything in my home that is not nailed down vibrate. Also, on the eve of Labor Day this year they just started playing loud music at 2:30AM. Its like they don't give a s*%t about their fellow neighbors. My next door neighbor ended up going across and talking them, after which the volume dropped to almost being inaudible.
I have two neighbors who are tied for first place. Silicon Sally, who mows her front yard in a bikini, and the Steeler fan who likes to park his pick up truck full of Steeler decals in front of my house. He was in sole possession of first place until he moved his outhouse to the back yard. Now, its a tie.
Well, Brownsfan - it could be worse - he could be a big Ravens fan....;)