most analog sounding CDP

What CDP would have the smoothest,most fatigue-free analog sound?
I haven't listened to many other players, but having had a Linn CD12 I'd have to say it's easily one of the best money can buy. Extremely smooth & rich & alive - I could easily listen to it forever.

It can also work magic with some lesser quality Redbook recordings.
Audio Aero Capitole Mark II
If you can go seperate:

1. Kondo KSL DAC + CEC 0 II transport
2. Zanden DAC IV + Zanden 2000 signature transport
IMHO this question is not for a simple this or that answer because the sound you get from your system is a teamwork effort of ALL your system's components and sure there is no such thing as an "analoge sound" - there's only the sound of music. I tried many of so called analog sounding CDP's and in my system (McIntosh tubes into Revel Ultima System) they all were outperformed by the Wadia 270/27ix combo big time.
The above mentioned Linn did sound very nice, the French Capitole didn't do anything for me. The dCS combo came closest to the Wadias. It really matters what other components are in your chain once you are in that league of CD gear.
Meridian G08. Fatigue-free without losing dynamics or detail, which is tough to do. Great 3D soundstage. A very musical player. I've had mine about 6 months. It took about 3 months to break in (300 hours est.). More people should hear this thing - it's quite good.

Also it's a completely non-finicky player. It's tracked everything I've tried, doesn't clip off the first second or two of some tracks like some players do, no power-on or off noises, has a very quiet transport, and is built extremely solidly. The remote is a bit over-the-top but it is well made. In any case, you could replace it with a learning remote if you wanted to.

I searched for a long time for a CD player and heard most of the top contenders. The G08 holds its own with the best out there and is reasonably priced for the sound and build quality you get.
Turbomodded Shanling T200. Best CDP I have heard with redbook, and I've heard the Meitner, Audio Aero and lots of others. The Turbomodded MSB Gold with 24/12 gets close...
My Arcam FMJ CD23T run thru my Music Reference RM5 MKIII tube pre to my Music Reference RM9 tube amp to my Spendor S100's absolutely works for me! Although I must admit for true 'Analog' sound my Linn/Lingo/LP12/Ittok MkIV/Ortofon Kontrapunkt B rig thoroughly spanks my CD player!;) But since you asked about CDP's the Arcam is magnificent, especially at the prices found here on A'gon!
For me, Naim CDS3. It doesn't perfectcly hit a bulls eye, but close enough.
For budget minded it has to be the Rega Planet.
Hey Y'all,

If you can find it, listen to the Lector CDP-7T. I own this player and just read the review in The Absolute Sound. Every word the reviewer uttered about this CDP is true. I say this because I've experienced all of the things he discribes in the review, for myself, in my own system...........John
Tube technology from UK is the most analog sounding.
Lector is second best.
The rest is behind...
Musical Fidelity NuVista 3D CDP.
the CDP that sounds most like my tt (Rockport Sirius III) is the emmlabs DAC6/modified Philips SACD 1000. this combo upsamples redbook to dsd and not only matches any other cdp in detail.....but exceeds any other cdp in dynamics, naturalness, and fully formed soundstage. it's smoothness and ease don't come with any penalty......all other cdp's that have that level of smoothness do so by clouding the detail to some degree. others that match it's detail miss the naturalness.

my definition of analog-sounding is what i hear on my tt......which is the most detailed, dynamic, and natural musical reproduction i have heard.
Today, I am the proud owner of what I feel is the best CDP on the planet - the Harmonix-Reimyo CDP777. Out of the box, with no break in, it CRUSHED the Accuphase DP75v, Musical Fidelity Trivista, Audio Aero Capital, Wadia 27ix combo and DCS front end system. I have owned or audioned all of these players. These are all very good players in their own right. HOWEVER the Reimyo is in a new league altogether and without a doubt SOTA. It bests them all and not by a small margin. I am affiliated to nobody and this is for an audiophile FYI. If you can afford it - get it.

Please explain &/or define "best" as it applies to you.

What I'm trying to understand is what YOU look for sound-wise in a component, in this case a CDP. This will give me an idea of what sort of sound signature the Harmonix-Reimyo CDP777 has.
Also, not everyone will agree with your definition of "best", which should be just fine w/ all of us. I/we just need to know what your yard stick is for measurement of sound of the Harmonix-Reimyo CDP777 vs. all the others that you have listed. Without this definition, your statement "Today, I am the proud owner of what I feel is the best CDP on the planet" is quite meaningless, I'm afraid.
(BTW, I want to assure you that I'm NOT smarting because you said that the CDP777 is better than a Wadia combination).
Well Bomby... you caught in me in the throws of exuberant joy during the first night with my new toy. I agree with your assessment that my claim is meaningless w/o defining what I look (hear) for in audio equipment. I had a Musical Fidelity that in comparison w/ the Accuphase DP75V it replaced and the Audio Aero I auditioned, was somewhat superior in sound to both those units. Somewhat warmer, while still detailed. 3D soundstage, and coherence of the total soundscape. I have friends w/ the Wadia set and DCS system and I do think they are both superior to my previous units for the same reasons I preferred the Music Fidelity to the others.

The Reimyo on the other hand right out of the box gave such extreme clarity and musicality to my system, it was really overwhelming. It was immediately noticeable, and not by a small margin to my previous equipment or my friend's current systems. I actually prefer the sound of the Reimyo to my analog set up which I am selling because it is too much fidgeting and not enough listening. Not to mention paying for the Reimyo LOL. The sound is not what I call analog, but it is absolutely non fatiguing, crystal clear, 3 dimensional, huge soundstage, incredibly articulate bass. Honestly, everything about it is vastly more musical sounding than what I have heard before anywhere.

To give you context my system is: Avantgarde Duos with a second set of subwoofers, First sound Presence deluxe w/ Paramount upgrade and dual power supplies and chassis. Stealth Indra and ML1 speaker cables. Elrod (and now Harmonix power cords. BPT 3.5 Signature power conditioner coupled to an Exact Power voltage regenerator. Various Symposium isolation shelves and rollerblocks. I have two dedicated 20 amp circuits w/10 gauge wire and separate grounds, cryoed wattgate duplex outlets.

Hope this helps and I appreciate your feedback.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post & giving us some more info. It does help some.

I'm totally perplexed on 2 issues & have a hard time reconciling them in my mind:-
* the Musical Fidelity sounded better than an Accuphase DP-75V & an Audio Aero in your system!
(I've never heard of this before!)
* The Reimyo sounds better than your analog setup.
(Whew! This IS the 1st time I'm reading this!! A certain Mike Lavigne has the EMM Labs SACD+DAC & also a Rockport Sirius III turntable but still claims that the Rockport beats the EMM Labs digital gear. Maybe the Reimyo is better than the EMM Labs gear??)

Anyway, you hear what you hear & I don't want to argue here but I'm having a tough time accepting some of the stuff you have written.

Let the Reimyo break in & perhaps you can report back on the sound quality. Things might change or might remain the same....
I oened a Metronome CDP that had a very analogue sound
Hi Again
By the way my name is Fred. I'm kind of new to posting. The dealer I purchased the Trivista from, allowed me to audition the Audio Aero Capital in my system for about a month. I then had the same opportunity with the Trivista. I felt the Trivista very slightly better (but close to the same)than the Audio Aero. Since I was all hyped up on the new SACD format (pretty foolish on my part I think) I elected to purchase the Trivista. I did feel both units were superior to the Accuphase, but not by a large margin.

As far as sounding better than analog, it is of course subjective, but a couple of things come to mind. First i don't have a Rockport, only a Basis 2001 w/ Vector arm & Shelter cartridge. I am willing to concede with the Rockport, my opinion would more than likely be different.

The Reimyo just gives me a clear window into the music. It does not sound digital, but it has none of the analog deficiencies. Record noise. the inevitable pop even found on my well cared for records. I just prefer it. Your mileage may vary as they say.
I'm not familiar the the EMM Labs. The Reimyo does have the exclusive use of technology licensed from JVC XRCD. Both the DAC and the transport derive from the XRCD recording equipment. I know personally I really enjoy the sound of XRCDs. Maybe its my tastes coming thru.
I believe it is a matter of personal taste.
I have heard the Reimyo under show conditions (about 1 hour)and found it too detailed/bright/clear IMHO.
You are correct in comparing it to XRCD CDs, which sound slightly overcooked IMS.
If you compare Bill Evan's Live at the Village Vanguard LP (early edition) to a XRCD you will agree with me.
Anyway the Reimyo MAY be an excellent choice, depending on taste and sinergy with the the system/room.
What's the list price of the Reimyo? I also have some questions about the rest of your system. Maybe I could email you if possible?
Remiyo has rubidium clock like Xrcd gear ?
Arcam cd 92,simple as the 7 letters and 2 numbers you just read.
The player that sounds the most like playing back my 2 track master reels is the TRL modified Marantz SA-14. Their mod is only $550 plus shipping. You used to be able to find a used/good condition SA-14 for around $1200. Now they're up around $1500 to $1700.

I consider open reel masters the ultimate. This said, they are what I use as a benchmark.