Most affordable silver spk cable....

Looking for options in the $2-500 range...thanks...
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I would recommend STI-2 (model 2003) by ELCO AUDIO. I got it from auction for $305 (6 Ft)
I am truly impressed. This cable is very accurate and detailed without any harshness or brightness out of the box. The bass is clear and crisp.
I was a bit concern about brightness. When I put them into my system I sat down and I could not believe my ears that the cables made my system bloom. There is not a bit of brightness and edge to these cables at all absolutely fantastic. Call them they will give you a great deal.
Try Bogdan Audio Silver Spirit.
I would try to build my own.

Just tonight I had some Verk-Tec cable I tried on the Mi\high drivers to see what effect it would have.

There are several SIlver wire suppliers like A-M Systems

You can get 25ft. for around $60. The only thing I am trying to determine is what gauge I should use for an 8Ft. run.

The Berk Tech I am using I am uncertain what it has in it. It does not seem to have any Copper in it. Will post an inquiry.
Forgot about DH Labs for an inexpensive Silver Speaker cable,but the feedback I have had it can sound bright in certain systems so careful matching is a must!

I would like to try some for my NEARs ,as I have heard others have success with it.

Phase Correct why not build your own silver cables like myself. Saves a bundle!

I will have Pure Silver Cables that would have cost alot more than say DH Labs for less than $30.