Mose Allison - anyone know a vinyl source?

I heard Mose Allison back in the 1970's (yeah, I'm old!) but can't seem to find any records (vinyl) by him. Anyone heard of him or, better yet, know where I can buy some of his albums??

Both Gemm and Musicstack has many albums listed. Here is the URL to the Gemm listings:
Interesting guy, among other things, a big influence on Pete Townshend.
Certainly, Mose had had a greater influence than a fan base. Both Michael Franks and John Mayer would seem to be the direct lineal decendents of his vocal style, regardless of the quality of their music. "Creek Bank" is a good place to start, there is also a nice reissue twofer on Fantasy that includes Creek Bank and another record that is usually very inexpensive. The earlier recordings on the Prestige label seem superior both artistically and sonically to the later Columbias. Gemm, as Agaffer suggests, is a good source.
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Thank you for them, anyway. I didn't even think of checking eBay. I did a google search for Mose Allison but didn't come up with much except CDs. I also checked on Elusive Disc & Accoustic Sounds with no luck.

I will check out eBay's listings as well as Gemm & Musicstack.

Thank you for the links.

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Go to This place will have a Mose Allison LP or I will eat an LP! Let me know how you do.
No need to get the salt and pepper out yet, Oregon! Recordsbymail did indeed have Mose Allison LPs for sale. Thanks for letting me know about yet another good place to get vinyl.

Almost started looking for a bawa stwiisend album.