Moscode super it or audio research ph3 ???

Hi guys. i have a real clean all original NYAL moscode super it for my phono pre, and love it.. But it is my first and only tube pre. Question is..
1. Keep it as is or get a ARC ph-3?
2. Send it to George Kaye, put another $500.00 into the IT.
3. And then how will it compare in presence, soundstage, and sound to a stock ph-3?

Thanks for your help.
Steve Sank of Talking Dog Transducer company is an expert at modifying Moscode, especially the Super IT. After his mods, you will hear sound better than any ARC phono gear. He can probably go completely through it for what you are thinking of paying George Kaye.

Be aware, that the original Super IT has undervalued caps in it that can ruin the power supply.
ARC PH-3 with the SE update
Agree with Hifigeek. Owned the Super It many years ago, and I found to be extremely syrupy and dark with indistinct imaging compared to other preamps that I had at the time (Counterpoint SA5.1, AR SP9 II, Audible Illusions Modulus). Lot's of gain, but noisy. It was kind of fun to listen to, in a way; but IMO presented an almost "cartoonish" sonic picture. Don't mean to beat up on it, but I think that a more modern design like the AR is miles ahead in truth and refinement. For whatever it's worth, I still remember the opening sentence of the Absolute Sound review of the Moscode many years ago: "This thing the high-end is not, but...."

Can a mod turn it into a competitor to something like the AR? I kinda doubt it. Good luck.