Moscode 402AU vs Modwright KWA-150

Just curious if anyone has heard both of these amps and can give any thoughts on how they compare?

I am looking for a new amp for my Daedalus Ulysses speakers and these have both been of great interest to me.

If you haven't already, I would suggest you speak with Lou. I know he thinks very highly of the KWA-150 with his speakers.
With the Moscode, you have the option of having it sound neutral, or tailoring its sound with tube rolling to suit your preferences. It's a terrific feature.

From a practical standpoint, either amp will drive the Ulysses speakers well, IMO.

You are probably aware the Moscode is available with a 33 1/3 day home trial. You get to hear it in your system on the Ulysses speakers, and return it if you don't care for it. It's a no-lose proposition.
Some likely changes in my home will make my tube amp impractical. Not wanting to give up all of the tube "magic," I recently purchased a new Moscode amp to use with my Daedalus DA-1's.

It is a fantastic amp and I have already grown to appreciate the ability to fine tune the sound via tube rolling.

The Modwright amp was on my radar too. However, keeping tubes in the chain and the ability to tweak the sound was what swung my decision to give the Moscode a try.
So Barrelchief, how much tube magic did the Moscode retain for you? Could you compare it to other hybrid tube/SS amps you've owned/auditioned, and/or perhaps to tube preamp + SS amp combos? By the way, what is the impedance of your speakers?

The DA-1's are 6 ohm speaks.

I think it's fair to say that hybrid is exactly what the Moscode sounds like. It shares some of the desirable strengths of both tube and ss amplification.

I have done a small amount of tube rolling with some NOS tubes, which have brought me closer to the sound that I am after...closer to my tube amp.

In fairness, I also must point out that I am trying to match the sound of a tube amp that has an MSRP that is almost 3x the price of the 402Au.

Though I don't have the time right now for this, I do suspect that I can further tweek the Moscode's sound, toward my liking, with some more tube options.

I have tried a bit of gear over the past 12+ years, but really cannot comment on similar comparrisons. I will just say that the Moscode does a lot of things very well and offers the ability to fine tune the sound.

It may be many months from now, but if I can shed more light on this, I will.

Hope this helps.
I'll be taking delivery on a KWA-150 next week. It will be driving my DA-1.1's which have been outfitted with the AP crossover. Very interested to hear how this paring will sound! Michael--did you get the new speaks yet?
Should be later this year, Mark.

Though the temptation will be overwhelming to try the new amp, I'd love if you could do this in steps and report on the X-over upgrade with your previous amp, and then introduce the 150 to your system, once you are familiar with the sound of the "Super" DA-1.1.

Is that too much to ask?

Check your inbox for a PM that I just sent.