Moscode 401 HR vs. 402 au vs. Butler TBD 2250

I would be interested in feedback from members on the comparison between any 2 or 3 of the above products.

1. Is the 402au a worthwhile step up from the 401HR or is the "goldplated circuit board" a marketing gimic?

2. Has anyone compared either the 401HR or 402au with Butlers creation? Are you able to share your thoughts around this?

I have an interest right now in hybrid power amplification of around 200wpc to drive planar speakers.
I don't know if it's a marketing gimmick or not, but as good as the 401HR is, the 401au is better IMO.

I have heard the 401HR in comparison to the Butler 2250 and to me it's a toss up. They both are very nice amps. I think the Moscode has a slight edge in tonal balance and overall presentation, especially sound staging and high end frequency reproduction. However, if you need a little extra power the Butler might be the better choice.
Thanks Clio09 for the reply. The Butler is less than half the price of the Moscode and its possible George may be asking a little too much for the 402au. One could have 2 x Butler TBD2250 800 watt per channel (in mono mode) for less than the price of a single 402au.

Would be interested to hear from other Butler and Moscode owners.

Another option is Space Tech Lab from Canada
Caution there is a problem with the Butler's when they are used as mono blocks in mono mode with 4-6 ohm speakers. You will get limited bass.