moscode 300 hypbrid? Worthwhile?

I recently saw a moscode 300 150w per channel hybrid amp on Fleabay... I am a rocker primarily. I currently have an onkyo tx-8522 receiver (please don't laugh it's paid for lol) pushing 2 koss cm-1030's. I plan on replacing the transducers in the koss cabinets with morel dome mids, tweets, and woofers. Also plan on building a crossover with the correct points based on the koss design (nice to have some eq at the speaker level). Would I be wasting money on this? This is a vinyl only system with the occasional duty from a computer source. I realize that as loud as I like my music the tubes are pretty much out of the question as a primary amplification source. That said I really like the tube sound... Is this a logical step?
I heard moscode 300 on a set of speakers it sounded very good but I cant remember what speakers. .I owned a moscode maxi 600 300w per channel I tried it on Klipsch K horns, La scalas and Cornwalls it sounded very good on the Cornwalls it was just ok on the others. On a pair of Magnepan it sounded best . So it is really speaker depended I surmise these amps do better on less efficient speakers . If I had to describe the sound of a Moscode I would say it is warmed up solid state sound. Bottom line you get the right interface on a speaker match you will have very good sound . As far as loudness goes if you get the right match you will have plenty of volume
currently with my stock (re vamped crossovers) koss cm 1030's my onkyo tx-8522 is really good sounding... like much better sounding than you would expect... With all the new proposed drivers being between 88-90db/1 watt efficient; I suppose this amp should probably be a fairly decent choice. I am not much of a horn guy as my listening area is simply too small. I am definitely a direct radiating dome fan. With 2 dome mid ranges; two dome tweets and an 89db efficient 10; I suspect my setup to definitely fall into the less sensitive category. In stock form the manufacturers claim is 96db/watt sensitivity and a max spl of over 123... I can definitely account for the max SPL... I want to make them a little more laid back with more and cleaner power and add to my wanna be hi-fi system.
I've owned Moscode 300 and 600 amplifiers. They are very musical sounding amps with plenty of power. Since they are hybrids, they have a unique sound that has been described by some as romantic with good bass. (I can attest to the strong bass).

The original creator (George Kaye) still supports them, as well as manufacturing his own brand of Moscodes. His site also has lots of interesting history behind the design and other NYAL prodcuts: