Moscode 300 factory mods

I am entertaining the thought of a Factory mod on my Moscode 300. It ultimately uses 4 6GQ7 tubes and replaces several components in order to do so and to ensure it is safe as well. I wanted any opinions on this upgrade. My other option is to go with some parts replacements with some highly recommended caps and resistors from Parts Connexion. It is about the same cost and I won't have to ship it. Any help?
When you state Factory Mod , I assume you mean the Mods done by George Kaye [ the Original Designer ] .

I have owned 3 Kaye 300's with different Mods over the years . The last unit that I owned was sold a year ago . It had the FULL list of Mods done to it . The 300 is a very nice Amp in the Original form . The fully upgraded unit was a giant killer with plenty of power . It competes with any new Amp costing up to $3500.00 .

Alas , I am sorry that it was sold . I keep coming back to this Amp and will probably do so again sometime .

I have moved to full Tube units with 120 Watts of power . They sound wonderful , but lack the Bottom End and authority of the 300 w/Mods . This is while retaining most of the Spatial and MidRange qualities of the Full Tube Amps .