Mosaic Records CD & LP Jazz Box Sets Available Late June

These seventeen great Mosaic sets, either on CD or LP, currently up on eBay for a low starting bid. I just got four Mosaic sets I had missed, so my wallet is out of gas, but I wanted to let others know about these. I am not the seller, but you can find the listings here:
[Mosaic Sets from booboosshop](

The Complete Commodore Jazz Recordings Volume I, Volume II, Volume III

Mosaic Complete Decca Studio Recordings Of Louis Armstrong And The All Stars
Complete Blue Note Forties Recordings Of Ike Quebec John Hardee Mosaic

Mosaic Edmond Hall-James P. Johnson- Sidney De Paris-Vic Dickenson

Mosaic Complete Art Hodes Blue Note Sessions

Mosaic Complete Blue Note Recordings Of George Lewis

Complete Capitol Bobby Hackett Solo Sessions Mosaic

Mosaic Complete CBS Eddie Condon All Stars
Mosaic Complete Verve Gerry Mulligan Concert Band Sessions

Mosaic Complete Illinois Jacquet

Mosaic Classic Chu Berry Columbia & Victor Sessions

Mosaic Complete Capitol Fifties Jack Teagarden Sessions

Mosaic Complete Clef/Verve Count Basie

Mosaic The Complete HRS Sessions

Mosaic Complete Verve Stuff Smith Sessions

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I own the Miles Davis "Bitches Brew" set and it sounds great!

Studio cuts not available on any other Lp.