Morrsion loudspeakers ?

May I ask for help in Morrison loudspeakers?
Any comment or information?
Are they good?
Please advice
good omni's....but check out shahinian or ohm too....perhaps more bang for the buck
Are the Morissons any good? Yes. In fact extremely good. The real question will be "Do you like them?"
They are a true functional point source. Absolute Sound considers them the best imaging speakers in the world. The bass cabinet is highly unusual, non resonant and one of the best of the "better mousetrap" design ever conceived or executed. It goes down into the Bass Nether Regions with more control and better accuracy than any other box speaker than immediately comes to mind. (And one of the only ones in a relatively small design.) Will it play back at outdoor PA speaker levels? No. But at musically realistic levels? Yes. Is it a classical or "rock" speaker? It is faithful to the input. Both spacially and tonally. You will have to decide if for you that's a blessing or a curse.

Interesting, whats the Efficiency and whats the price on these?
Best person to ask is the designer himself although most basic information is on the website.