Morrow vs. PNF speaker cable

Has anybody compared these 2 cables? I'm on the hunt for good cheap speaker cables for my CS2.3's. I'm also considering making my own CAT 5 cables but I'm a pretty sloppy solderer.
I think Springbok10 has tried both of these cables. He usually reads these posts on a regular basis and will likely respond. Otherwise, email him for info as he is very knowlegeable about speaker cables in this price range.
I would recommand Morrow's cable. I'm happy with what i got.
Also you have 60 days to try it out.
Haven't heard the PNF cables, but I have Morrow cables, cords & interconnects in both of my systems and I am completely happy with them. In fact Morrow's Reference 2 series replaced Kimber Selects in my main system. Not only do the Morrow cables flat out sound better than the Kimber Selects, but with the savings from the switch I nearly paid for my secondary rig.
I agree with the above comments regarding Mike Morrow... and the Morrow cables: an outstanding value and remarkably musical.

What's not to like about a 60 money back trial?

Point of advice: use his break-in service, and don't expect to begin any serious evaluations until the cables have settled into you system and have been played for at least another 20-50 hours. Only then will you hear and realize their remarkable musicality.

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Morrow now charges 8% on all returns except if you upgrade to another cable. So you lose 8% of what you paid. It's his new policy and advertised on his website.
Morrow now charges 8% on all returns except if you upgrade to another cable. So you lose 8% of what you paid. It's his new policy and advertised on his website.
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A link to this policy would be appreciated. The 8% fee is not mentioned on the Easy Return Policy page.
We no longer charge the 8% restocking/ return fee. You can see our return policy here:

Also, anyone who would like to try our cables, use the coupon code "special" in our shopping cart to receive an additional 10% off!

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I have used the cheaper Morrow cable (SP2), PNF, Bogdan Goldy and MAS Hybrids. I found all great bargains. For further information, e-mail me, as I feel it a conflict of interest to post more publicly, since I have a pair of cables for sale.
I'm sure the Morrow cables are a good product, but I've been a HIGHLY satisfied PNF customer for a long time now, so I guess I should throw my two cents in! Over the years I've tried so many different types of cable, I can hardly remember them all, including all the ones you would normally hear of. When I got to PNF, the journey ended. Not sure what the exact reason for their performance is, very possibly the continuous cast nature of their wire, but I've found that it does what a cable is supposed to do better that any other; it passes a signal correctly from point A to B with the least interference to the integrity of that signal.

The law of diminsihng returns is probably more prevalent in the world of cables than anywhere else. I've found that the PNF products are MORE than a bargain. They're probably grossly underpriced to be perfectly honest, especially in relation to the cables that they compare to in use. The Symphony speaker cables are outstanding and when you couple them with PNF's ic's they are truly a synergistic match that becomes another component in your audio system. Steve Jain at PNF is great to work with and very attentive to whatever your needs are as well. Don't just take my word for it, try them.... most folks who have are glad they did!
Can't go wrong with Morrows. I have the SP4 speaker cable and it revolutionised the sound in my room. Also bought his IC's and Power Cords, and been extremely satisfied.
Agree with Acdvd. Prior to going with Morrow SP4 speaker cables and MA4 interconnects, I had excellent sound with my PS Audio Plus. With the Morrows I get beautiful music with an emotional draw, tonality and a palpable realness I had not experienced before. I am not affiliated with Morrow Audio, I'm just a very satisfied customer.