Morrow SP2 vs. Straight Wire Level 2

Looking for a good, step above entry level bi wire speaker cable 3m length. Would like to get opinions on these or others in the $200-$300 range.

Straight wire has Soundstage, Sympony and Octave in level 2, not sure of the sonic differences.

I've become a big fan of solid core speaker cables instead of stranded wire, after trying out some Audioquest Type 4. You can buy it bulk for $5 per foot and biwire it, or buy it pre terminated with bi-wire banana plugs for around 250 and it easily bests stranded speaker cables, or at least entry level stranded in my view. Morrow makes solid core too, but they take copper and coat it with silver I believe. The result has a longer burn in time, or so they recommend.

I've got a Morrow IC, and they do make good stuff, but no direct experience with that speaker cable you're interested in.