Morrow MA4 Vs JPS SC3?

What are the benefits of the Morrow cable verses JPS SC3?
Dont know the JPS, but you read my review of the MA4 and MA6 on the reviews section. Enjoy.
I have the SP-4's and MA-4's throughout my system and am very happy with them. Great sound, very musical.

I was wondering how the MA-4 and SP-4 compares to the MA-6 and SP-6? Thanks.
I'm going to try a pair of MA4 and see how they compare to my JPS SC3.
I actually orderer a pair of MA6 Grand references.
would love to hear your thoughts......make sure you order the burn-in service.
Yes, I second the burn-in service!
Had to cancel my order. Going through some system changes first.
I did buy a pair of MA1's and I must say that I'm quite impressed and they have only two hours of run-in.
Wig, how do you feel about the Morrow MA1 compared to the Dynamic Design cable you had?
It's been about six months since the DD but I can say without hesitation, Morrow!
If you like the sound of the Morrow cable then you might want to try the Vintage Audio Lab silver litz cable as well. More top end sparkle without glare or edge and a little more open without thinning or drying out the mids. Both MA1 and Vintage Audio are good buys. The Morrow's are slightly warmer but not as transparent. I really felt the JPS SC3 was the clear winner for me but some may find them a little forward. The Vintage Audio cable replaced the MA6 and I am hoping Gabriel Gold will put all IC's I have used to shame.
Thanks for your suggestion on the Vintage Audio Lab silver litz. I'm a Morrow cable user and I saw this thread, took what you had to say about the comparison. I am very impressed. Your review is spot on, the Vintage Audio cable is superior.
Thanks again!
morrow's ma-4 hands down...
My vote for Morrows!
I have two pair of the MA2's and I love them. Currently on a CDP and a phono preamp.
I tried the MA3's and MA4's, but had less success. Poor match with my system I guess, but very different sounding from the MA2's.
I also have a pair of JPS SC3's. I've used them on a CDP and on my musical fidelity dac. They are very accurate sounding, but with good tonal color and good bass. They are different than any other of my cables in how relaxed the presentation is.
I would pick the SC3 based on my experience, though the Morrows may have a bit more dynamic snap.
Ssglx - your ears agree with mine there's something special about those MA2's!Really good mids.
The Morrow's are phenominal cables, so much that I decided to upgrade to the MA6 and SP6. The clarity of these cables are outstanding, making all others sound grainy and etched.

My soundstage is deeper, wider with better contrasting cues that I've heard with other cables plus they just sound more organic and natural in my system.
The Morrow MA6 and JPS SC3 IC's are far behind the Gabriel Gold Reflection ic's. I would be seriously looking into KCI silkworms, Jade Audio Hybrids or the Gabriel Gold Reflection cable if anyone is considering spending a decent amount on IC's. Silver plated solid core copper can only do so much. They have clarity but at the same time have a midrange energy that masks other frequencies. The highs are nowhere near the extnesion and refinement of the Gabriel Cable and the mids of the Garbriel Reflection are in the likes of a 300b tube which are lush, clear and silky. I would not put the Morrow midrange in this category.
I got caught up in the trade up program and really should have stayed with the MA3 or MA4. I think it would be best to try some of these other cables as well instead of just jumping up to the top of the Morrow ladder. As far as speaker cables go the Clear Day double shotguns are an extremely better value than the top of the line Morrow's.
Thanks for the update. I'll be comparing the Morrow MA6 against the Clarity Organic cables in a week and I hear they are unbelievable and must be heard.
The Morrow were better than the JPS in my system. Much cleaner with better bass, soundstaging and imaging. Soundstaging is deep and wide and provides a sense that you are there. The JPS were forward in their presentation, and images didn't have that depth of instruments placed behind the speakers near the edge of the hall. The MIT cables suffer from this as well.

What Morrow cable is better than the JPS?
I have both morrow sp4 and Clear Day double shotgun. Morrow has better bass but Clear day has better soundstage and more lively in my system.

The Morrow MA1 sounded better than my Superconductors 3, I was so impressed that I decided to try the MA6/SP6. Soundstage much deeper with a wider soundstage with pristine clarity. JPS is a little forward in its presentation by comparison.

Which cable did you choose, Morrow or Clear Day?
I pick clear day over morrow. Clear day gives more life size presentation.
Clear Day are great speaker cables. As far jp#s claim that Gabriel Golds crush Morrow, I would offer a different assessment. Gabriel Golds are very extended but can sound a little fatiguing. In my experience, the higher you go in the Gabriel Gold line, the better the high frequencies sound. Bass extension, however, is not as impressive.

In my system, I run Gabriel Golds from my source to pre and Morrow from pre to amp. Nothing I have tried has beaten the Morrows in that position, whereas I have found Tara Labs and PAD to better the Gabriel Golds, although at greater cost.
Another vote for Morrow. I have SP/MA3's on my main system, the Morrow cables replaced Kimber Select cables & interconnects. The Morrows clearly sounded superior, and were a tremendous value too boot. I Sold the Kimber Selects and put the money towards a small integrated amp system for my dining room. I'm running Morrow SP/MA2's in that system. Mike Morrow is a super nice guy and a real pleasure to do business with as well.