Morrow MA3 vs Grover Huffman ICs

Have any of you owned or listened to the both of these cables? Are they comparable in any way? What would you say were the strengths of each?

I'm narrowing a search for a new Interconnect (1.0m RCA - RCA) between my Creek 5350 SE and Oppo "BDP 83 Special" Universal Player.
I'd done a bit of research before posing this question and hoped to generate a discussion. In any event the Morrow MA3 was already on my short list as was the Grover Huffman IC but the cable that most interested me was the Harmonic Technology Pro-Silway mk III.

I purchased one today on eBay. I'll report back with my experience in a few months. Thank you to all who have written or read my post.

Anymore I seldom ever see GH cables mentioned in the forums here or at the other audio forum. Interest seems to have cooled way off. The Morrow cables come up all the time.
I also had the Grover Huffman on my short list of cables to try. They are very hard to find used. I believe that people who try them, tend to hang on to them.

I did finally find a couple of pair used and I must say that I am VERY impressed. They bested several different pair of Cardas and my current reference, Black Mountain Cable.

Maybe they have lost some of their luster on the forums, but not on music...which is where it counts.