Morrow MA3 interconnects

I have recently been using Morrow MA3 interconnects. I really like the top end of what the cables bring to the table however It does not bring in the bass,,, a like a more authoritative sound. Any suggestions of what I can try that has the best of both worlds. I buy used and my budget is around 300.00. Thanks
I use the MA3's as well and I do not find the Bass to be lacking in any way. I would suggest that you look at your components maybe the pre-amp or usable frequency response of your drivers.
Tell us about your stereo we need a little more information to give you better advice.
How many hours of break-in? Mike Morrow has stated that the bass is the last thing to settle in.... have you reached the 400 hour mark yet?
I just ordered MA2 myself, and lean bass is the last thing I'm longing for... keep us posted.
The reason I use the MA3 is because it has the best bass Iv'e heard in my set up its deep, powerful and extended! As stated above it does take up to 350 to 400 hrs to fill in, top to bottom the MA3 is hard to beat!
That is odd. Different systems I guess. I found happiness in my system with the MA2 interconnects, I returned the MA3's for a different reason, but I felt they had the best bass of any interconnect I had tried.
I purchased them used from a third party, They could need additional time, I also own KCI firefly IC and they do many things well but I prefer the top end of the MA3's. I will keep listing and see what happens.
Try the MAC Ultimate Silver. You can have them burned in prior to recieving them. They will cost you below the $300 budget new.
I've tried just about every cable and these cables with the pure 5 nine silver is really very good.
Another good cable for bass is from a new cable maker called, Amadie cable try the Barb Masters, they also have very nice bass.
I always thought that copper cables had the best bass, but it seems high quality silver that has been soft annealed have better deep quality bass.
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I also have the MA2's w/about 350 hours on them with exceptional bass driving Klipsch Forte 1's.
My MA3's from dac to pre are outstanding(single ended). I would contact Mike Morrow and discuss this with him. I find them to be very neutral after long break in.....
0-10 hrs sounded great, 10-90 hrs OK, 90-100 hrs constipated, 100 hrs shrill and no bass, 140 hrs marvelous. The bass depth, weight, and definition are outstanding.

I currently have only one MA3 cable between the VAC pre and the W4S amp in XLR termination. I am so impressed I have ordered more MA3's. This time I spent extra for the burn-in service. My other cables sound broken compared to the MA3.

I should receive the others next week.
I tried an additional 200 hours and just not what I am looking for, Reconnected the KCI firefly IC. Just my two cents.
Get your hands on some JPS SC3 interconnects. Very authorative low bass. I have the 5.3 speakers also.
I was never that impressed with the Morrow MA3s. The Crimson Music Links are much better. Close to the same price as the MA3s, but far, far better extension and bass. Very musical and satisfying. WyWires are also very good, with really hefty solid bass, although the Crimsons are more open and airy and considerably less expensive.
Breakin is very important, one will not hear the potential of our cable products without it! Patience is necessary. We do offer a breakin service to speed up the process, highly recommended.

Here is an impressive testimonial form a customer who was about to throw in the towel:

Mike, About 4 weeks ago, I called you on a Saturday morning to inquire about some of your interconnects as I have a friend (Greg from Boston) that really likes your cables. Greg and I have been sharing various experiences with cables for over a year now. We both fell in different directions, ending up with different brands that neither of us have heard in our systems. For Greg, it was your cables, for me, it was something else.

Greg made some descriptions of the changes in sound that really intrigued me. Greg was describing everything that I wanted, so I had to ultimately try your cables. With your guidance and my budget, I order 2 pairs of MA2 interconnects to go between my DAC and preamp, and my preamp and amps.

I have to be honest and tell you that my first listen was interesting, but not good. Then the break-in process started. Now things were really not good. I complained to Greg, and told me to throw them on my DVR box and break them in for at least 200 hours. So I did that giving them a listen every now and again. They sounded different every time, but certainly never "good".

I decided to put them in my setup once again this past Saturday. They had just over 300 hours on them and they sounded a lot better. However, after listening to them for the better part of Saturday and Sunday, I was thinking about throwing in the towel and sending them back. Greg encouraged me to give them up to another 100 hours before even thinking about returning them, so I did. This is where things got interesting.

When I wrapped up my Monday work day, I sat down to listen for a while. I had left my source and preamp on 24 hours per day to further break-in the cables. I am now a believer that cables can and do break-in, but I was a long way from what I wanted from them.

But when the music started to play, it was like I was listening to a completely different system. I did not expect a big change, nor can I explain just how the heck this happened, but I'm going to say the sound is nearly perfect! For the first time in many months, I found myself listening to the music and not thinking about what's wrong with the sound. I played as many tracks as I had time for, and every track was like a journey into what could sound amazing in this next track. This has now gone on for 3 days. I honestly can't tell you what I'd want different or better. I'm shocked!

So I suffered through many hours of your interconnects sounding bad, then getting better leaving me thinking this was it and I didn't like them, then finally going to: "I can't believe how perfect this sounds." The last transformation was not just the treble, midrange, bass, sound stage, separation, etc, it was literally everything got dramatically better. Everything just fell into place. Now I hope every day that the sound doesn't change. For the last 3 days, it has not.

I've come to realize over the years that the real magic of a great setup comes from the synergy of all the components. I've been told by many people from the audio forums that my setup is the best they've ever heard in anyone's home. Well I can tell you that they haven't heard anything yet. Your interconnects have really taken my sound to a new level. The synergy I'm enjoying right now is the best I've ever had.

I could explain everything in more detail regarding the sound, but I don't think that's important to my message to you. I just wanted to let you know that you certainly seem to know something special about making cables. I can't wait until I can scrounge up enough money to upgrade to the MA4's or MA6's as Greg has explained the differences as something I'd like to have. I can't wait. You have won me over as a customer, and I intend to try your speaker cables once my interconnects are all upgraded.

So to make a long story short, I really just wanted to say "thanks" and let you know how impressed I am with your product. I'm really glad I called you that Saturday. Terry H.