Morrow IC's

I just noted that Morrow has a Christmas and New Year's sale right now.  35% off.  I am looking at buying a pair of IC's from them since they have a good Money Back Guarantee and trial period.  No lose situation.

I can't find many reviews from people that have used the Morrow MA 1.1 or MA 2 IC's.  

Anyone have any experience with either of these cables?  Both are in my price range with the discount.  

Just a heads up, Morrow's heavily discounted. Although personally feel this is more realistic pricing, compared to their heavily inflated, ridiculous RRP's.

I would only recommend Morrow's with these discounts, and only in some systems and some circumstances.

To Morrow or not to Morrow…that is the question. And what’s wrong with Indianapolis? (Rhetorical question…please do not respond). Also, I want to find the guy who bought Morrow cables when they were NOT on sale…who is that guy? In any case, cables that are made to order should be expensive, but these aren’t so much. Try to get Audioquest to make cables just for you, and get back to me on that. I don’t spend much time these days thinking about how my cables are working, or if they’re as good as something else that would maybe "focus my soundstage" more. I like noise rejecting items…bespoke-ish power supplies, humlessnessness…beyond that I can relax and enjoy my gear pile’s ability to put great sounding music in my face knowing people like Mike Morrow are making fine cables I can afford.
I liked the MA4s interconnects so much, that I've ordered a pair of MA6 with the March sale.  I may return the MA4s, or keep them and use somewhere else.  I was comparing the MA4s with Anticable 3.1 (both XLR from PassXP-15 phono amp to Haloint) and the MA4s had the detail of the Anticables, without the treble glare, right off the bat with almost no break in.  So far, I'm really liking them.  Hope the MA6 are an improvement over the MA4.  The MA6s are the most expensive interconnect I've purchased so far, even on sale, but hey, I got a bonus from work burning a hole in my pocket... : )
I guess I am an audioholic, since my last post I have upgraded no less than 3 sets of cables in my system. A stock power cable, the speaker cables(I got new Audioquest Rocket 44 biwired for over half off) and the cheap USB cable all got upgraded.

And now I’ve ordered a second pair of MA5 with silver Eichmanns at the sale price. 18” length from pre to amp. I need one more upgraded power cable, and I’ll probably take advantage of the Morrow sale for this too.

Then I plan to enter a 12 step group! LOL

on going from MA4 to 6, I’m going from 3 to 5 to get a bigger count increase in signal wire too.  I haven’t talked to Mike on this but I did notice an improvement over the MA3 feeding the amp.  

I find that Morrow's cables are best for lower current needs, phono cables and interconnects.  Once broken in of course, they sound quite good at the omnipresent sale pricing that you must take advantage of.  They are clear, clean, and revealing, ideal for feeds to my preamp.

I like that they are very lightweight and flexible which makes using them in my rack easy. I use these for everything leading to the preamp.  Level 4-6 seems to be the sweet spot for value vs. pricing.  For the premium and entry levels they don't compete as well IMO, but their trade in policy does make upgrading less painful.  I suspect every customer of their premium cables worked their way up.

I use Cerious Technologies for my custom IC (17') to my amp, speaker cables, and power cables.